July 29, 2019

17 summer moments at DABOV Academy

In August, our Academy organizes many courses and tastings for all specialty coffee and tea lovers and professionals who work with our favorite drinks.

Maybe you expect us to reduce the work speed or just go on vacation in the liveliest summer. However, we always strive to surprise you – and in a positive way! That is why we have prepared 17 events at our DABOV Specialty Coffee Academy.

Art of Tea will take place once this month – on August 18 at 10 am. But before and after, you can choose one of our DelmarTe’s rich collections and order online right now. Do not forget that we deliver not only coffee but also supply tea to every Bulgarian town!

Coffee cupping is an excellent way to get to know the nuances of the tastes and aromas that might hide in your cup of specialty coffee as well as train yourself to look for them. And you will also learn how to orient our baristas what coffee to offer you in a cup or in a package for the home to meet your taste preferences. This course has several dates in the month – 4, 11, 24 and 31 August.

Cup of Excellence coffees cupping will offer you a cup of two winners from the world’s most prestigious specialty coffee competition on August 15th.

If you bring a friend to one of the aforementioned courses, you can buy for more convenience and a double ticket! Check out our Calendar!

We offer you three dates for one of our most intriguing courses – Espressology. We will be spilling out some of the secrets of one of the most popular methods of coffee making in the world on 1, 11 and 24 August.

If you know how to prepare a superb espresso, you may want to further develop your barista skills with some tricks how to prepare milk foam. Welcome on August 4, 1 and 22 on our Latte Art course.

If you are curious about other methods to prepare our specialty coffees at home, join our Barista Amateur course. It will take place on 3, 8, 18, 25 and 31 August.

And we can always organize for you a special tasting of Kopi Luwak! Read how to order it.

Article written by napravimisait

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