4 Reasons To Fall in Love with Ironman Geisha from Panama

Best of Panama’s 11th best coffee in the Geisha Washed category is already here and we are sure that it will win your hearts

At the end of September 2020 we shared with you the wonderful news that we have added one more great BOP Geisha to our catalog. And it has already reached us… and we tasted it… That is why we are sure that we can give you at least 4 reasons to fall in love with Ironman Geisha produceds by Auromar Finca La Aurora, just like we did!

Panama Ironman IV Geisha ВОР #11 2020 background story

We have recently had the pleasure to contact señor Roberto Brenes, the farmer behind Panama Ironman IV Geisha ВОР #11 2020. Since we found the name of the coffee very curious, we wanted to know its background. And we wanted to learn more about Auromar Finca La Aurora as well.

“We are very pleased and excited to see our landmark coffee, the Ironman, find a new home were it will be taken care with love and pride,” said Roberto Brenes. “In 2013,  Auromar debuted in the Best of Panama with the first Ironman, the first commercial harvest out of the farm. The name was inspired in my passion, running triathlons. There, an ironman is the top competition only for the best. We truly believe that our coffee is a winner that deserves such a name. Although we participate in the BOP every year, not every year we submit an Ironman.“

Roberto and Aurora Brenes druing the Best of Panama competition.

Reason №1 to fall in love with Ironman Geisha – it is a born winner

What señor Brenes is not mentioning, is that when it debuted at ВОР in 2013, Ironman won the first place in the Natural Geisha category. And then it did it again in 2016. This year, we have the pleasure to taste the fourth Ironman Geisha that from Auromar have chosen to represent the farm in the world’s most prestigious Geisha competition. Because really only the best coffee from the best coffees deserves this name!

Auromar Finca La Auror speciliazes in cultivating high-quality Arabicas and especially Geishas. „We have always been in the top 20 Geishas in each category,” states Brenes. “Our Naturals, Camilina and Catalina named after two granddaughters have both been top coffees on the Naturals.” And in 2020, Auromar Geisha Natural have secured the 5th position in its category in BOP.

„We are certainly very excited to see our coffee in Bulgaria. We have great hopes of the new markets,” Robesrto Brenes is making plans for the new year. “Covid providing we will like to return to the SCA Expo in Europe this year and perhaps visit Bulgaria.”

Perfectly ripe cherries transform into coffee with incomparable flavor.

Reason №2 to fall in love with Ironman Geisha – it comes with an irresistible taste

We find Ironman Geisha washed taste simply irresistible!

If you think that we may be exagerrating, see what señor Brenes has to say about it: „I personally prefer the washed geisha. It is more subtle, less overpowering than the naturals were we find the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese more interested. Europeans and in particular eastern Europeans will find the Ironman the best entry level coffee for your costumers.“

So, how about tasting this coffee?

When we face something extraordinary, our desire to taste it usually mixes with our worry that we will not be able to trully and completely enjoy it, because we may need some special preparation. And for some coffees, this is absolutely true. But Roberto Brenes’ words are an invitation that takes away the worries. Just reach out for Panama Ironman IV Geisha BOP #11 2020 and enjoy its taste.

Finca La Aurora’s Geishas always come with a very clean cup. Furthermore, they exhibit the common traits of the Auromar terroir, citrus and floral notes. And they also win fans with their subtle undertones of jasmine, lemon grass and orange.

Roberto Brenes participated in many triathlons and gave its farm’s best Geisha the name of the competition for the best triathlon athletes.

Reason №3 to fall in love with Ironman Geisha – it was produced in ideal conditions

Coffee lovers say that Panama Geisha is the Champagne of the coffee world. And from Auromar add that their terroir is indeed the Burgundy of the coffee world. Panama’s geographic location creates a unique climate condition that has been the proven to be ideal for the production of highland coffee.

The area where Geisha and other specialty coffees are produced are the lands that surround the dormant Volcán Barú. It is Panama’s highest point with 3,474 metres. The volcanic soil, high altitude, wind currents from both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, all come together to create the perfect conditions required for the growth, maturity and sweetness of the perfect coffee cherry.

Finca La Aurora is located between 1570 and 1770 MASL in the highlands of Candela, Chiriquí. Because of altitude and the microclimate from the forest, the harvest begins late in December and ends in mid-March. The beans take full benefit of the drop-in humidity between December and January. And they ripen under the shade of mainly avocado trees in the sunny dry summer that runs through mid-April.

The outcome is a limited-supply, highly complex coffee. The quality is very consistent due to the farmer’s and his workers’ hard work.

The workers in Auromar hand collect Geishas only at the peak of ripeness. Harvesters receive a premium and a bonus well above the industry standards. This encourages them to carefully pick only the ripe cherries.

After collection in the field, workers micro select the beans upon arrival at the mill. Only those which meet the highest quality standards go to procession. The Geishas rest for at least 6 weeks after the depulping, fermentation and drying. Only after those processes they are ready for the last quality check.

Сеньор Бренес преглежда качеството на узрелите черешки с един от работниците във фермата.

Reason №4 to fall in love with Ironman Geisha – it is produced by socially responsible and eco-friendly family farm

Auromar Panama, is a Brenes-Eleta family project. People in it have devoted themselves to the production of high quality Geishas and other superior arabica coffees, in a sustainable, and eco friendly environment.

Coffee farming is mostly manual, workers are to the hardships of weather and grueling physical activity. Except for the technical staff, labor in the coffee plantations have very little education and formal skills. From Auromar firmly believe that in the XXI Century, is unacceptable for any farm, to prolong such dire working and quality-of-life conditions. That is why they have made concrete commitments to improve every aspect of the working and living conditions of their associates.

Auromar is a child labor free enterprise. Futhermore, the farm owners provide out of school activities and educational plans not only for the young but for the seniors as well. Besides good housing facilities, they provide free transportation to school and for the regular health checkup visits children and seniors must make to the regional health center.

Another major challenge for the farm owners is to preserve the environment. Every year they replant native species of the high land tropical forest. They also actively contribute financially to improve roads and water systems in their region and they to back efforts to protect wild life and forest in the neighboring national park.

The Panama Geisha terroir is the home of the Gnabe-Bugle natives. Famously parsimonious and patient, they handle and harvest the coffee grain-by-grain. Traditionally the Gnabe have been a nomad workforce with all the economic and social problems and handicaps that such condition entails. To help them raise their living standards, the Auromar owners have committed resources to improve their working skills and offer incentives to for excellent work.

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