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I am Jordan Dabov and I will take you on a journey through the world of specialty coffee. I don't promise that it will satisfy all your needs, but I hope to travel the world together in search of new coffees and new recipes.

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Do you know the difference between specialty and conventional coffee?

If not, read the whole article here – What is Specialty Coffee?


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In short – special coffees take a lot of effort and are not the result of a year's work. A farmer begins with the desire to produce a better cup of coffee, and it may take years to achieve that desire. During this time he learned, experimented and progressed. But when he gets the precious cup of coffee – all his efforts are rewarded.

Best of all, we seek out specialty coffees and pay a fair price for them, so the farmer gets, in addition to the satisfaction of a job well done, a financial reward for his labor - sometimes times the price. This immediately affects the standard of all employed in the production - the pickers and their families.

Or... if you drink 1 cup of special coffee instead of conventional - then on the other side of the world it is possible for a child to go to school...

Would you like me to introduce you to some of the farmers we partner with?


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For example, Erika Peña - she and her entire family are engaged in coffee production. How specialty coffee is grown according to here –

orMarisabel Cabayero, who wins 1st place for Cup Of Excellence in 2016 

What is Cup Of Excellence – good question…

It is the write time for you to ask that – without those three words, the world of specialty coffee might not exist. And so far, this is the only competition that evaluates coffees according to taste characteristics.

Read about СОЕ here.

In short:

Thanks to this competition, farmers have the opportunity to receive a well-deserved price for the efforts they put into growing specialty coffee. And we - the consumers of a cup of delicious coffee - have the opportunity to find out which are the best coffees for a given harvest and a given region and, if possible, get hold of one of them.

I have the honor to be part of the international jury of the contest since 2013. So far I have judged 10 contests in the countries: Colombia, Brazil Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras.

Besides the COE, there are various local competitions around the world

Almost every coffee-producing country is interested in the price of coffee that is exported. Many government organizations encourage farmers to produce better coffee and also organize competitions for farmers to sell their best coffees.

I have personally participated in several of these. The most popular is perhapsBest Of Panama, because the coffees produced there are the most expensive in the world.

Here is for my second judging there

And the most unpopular is perhaps in Santa Barbara, Honduras, where I was in 2018 year..

The more unpopular contests mean a lot to farmers, who until now have not believed they can get a fair price for their labor. Together with you, however, we can change a lot in the world of coffee. And it's a lot when even one child gets food every day...

I also share with you the videos I made in Honduras when I judged the local contest. Watch them:
Did you notice the eyes of both Byron Peña and Edwin Ventura? In them you will see sincere gratitude that their work is being rewarded. And I am happy that together with you - the family of Dabov Specialty Coffee, I can buy the coffee produced by them and enjoy it afterwards.

If you directly want to go to recipes– click here, if not - we continue on our way...

Every year I visit different places in the world where I choose coffee and which I will show you later.

Here you can see films from my visits to Brazil, where I helped harvest one of our favorite coffees: Brazil Alliance
Usually, if I have the opportunity, I visit the farms twice - before harvest and at the end of harvest to taste the coffee produced.

In 2020, I even took my good friend Andre Tokev to try coffee together at Alliance. Watch the film broadcast on BTV here:
And this is how the demand for coffee in Ethiopia looks like:
I am so excited to make you a part of this journey. I hope you are interested with me…

But let's move on.

The coffee is transported, which is sometimes a very long process of correspondence, documentation and bureaucracy.

In many cases, the coffee takes about 3 months to reach our bakery. But once it has arrived, it has a special meaning. We value each berry because we know that it is the fruit of many hands that often do not receive for their day's labor the price of a cappuccino in the center of any European capital.

Sad isn't it...

But together we can change a lot…

Well, back to the fun part: coffee roasting.

Compiling a test profile only requires a fair amount of preliminary information and measurements. For this purpose, we have equipped our own laboratory, where we do all the necessary tests and, based on these data, we compile a test profile

Many of you have come across packages: Test profile of a given coffee. That's exactly what these test profiles are - one idea short of perfection, but perfect for consumption. That's why their price is so sweet... To know when we release test coffees at a very good price - it's best to call the bakery from time to time on 0882 477 000 or sign up directly for our newsletter / magazine / newsletter, at which we directly report this news.

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