May 22, 2019

Best of Panama invites Jordan Dabov for the second year in a row as a jury member

DABOV Specialty Coffee’s founder will again be the only Bulgarian among the jurors who will elect the best among the best Geishas in the world

As you already know, May is the month with many international events on the list of our coffee hunter, Jordan Dabov. After his visit in Ninety Plus Gesha Estates in Volcan, Panama, he is setting off to Valle Escondido Resort where the 23rd edition of Best of Panama 2019 will take place. Between 22nd and 25th of May, 21 international jurors from China, USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Japan, and Bulgaria will select, in four cupping sessions, the best specialty coffees from the Geisha variety. As you can see, Jordan Dabov not only is the sole Bulgarian among them but also the only representative from Europe among the jurors of this world-renowned coffee competition.

Best of Panama takes place for the first time in 1996 and boasts more than 50 members. These are the farms who produce coffee and compete. It was the owners of some of them who decided to create the competition in 1996, during the crisis of low international prices of coffee and to get their coffees known.

Last year the washed Geisha set a new record – it won 94.66 points from 100 from the jurors. And we, from DABOV, managed to win on the auction after the competition the fabulous Dona Elvira – Geisha Washed #16 ВОР 2018 and to offer it to you. Have you tried it yet?

How was Jordan Dabov preparing for his participation in Best of Panama 2019

“As I will participate for the second consecutive year, if the others and I thought that I have performed well last year, this time I should perform even better,” Jordan Dabov says. “I need to build on my overall performance, which is very intense. At such competitions, I usually arrive at the last minute. 1-2 days are not enough to even recover from the jetlag. “

Since 2013, our coffee hunter is the only Bulgarian in the jury of the international competition for the world’s best specialty coffees, Cup of Excellence. He has already participated as a juror in the competitions in Brazil – three times, Costa Rica – twice, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras.

“Years ago, the best preparation for me was physical. All other kind of preparation came afterwards, Jordan recalls. “First of all, I was trying to be fit to even stay on one’s feet all day long, which in itself is not an easy task.”

The Great Workout Cup of Excellence and Best of Panama

“I now perceive things differently, suggests Jordan. “For me, events like Cup of Excellence and Best of Panama are the great workout. A football player, for example, thanks to the long and hard workouts, during the game manages to run faster, be more skillful with the ball and score a goal.

And for me, the event is a workout of mind, memory, body, concentration, the ability to learn, what and how to learn. I’ve been training cupping hard before, but for some years now I have been cupping and educating myself more outside Cup of Excellence. That is why world specialty coffee competitions became my most important workout. My goal is to be ready at any time for such a race and to keep myself in constant condition. For that, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle. Good boxers make 1-2 games a year and therefore have 1-2 serious training camps before them. For me, 2-3 such events on an annual basis are enough. I can no longer live without them. They put a heavy load on my back, but the feeling is of something that I nevertheless enjoy.”

Article written by napravimisait

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