April 1, 2021

Colombia’s 4th Best Coffee for 2020 Is Already on Sale

We give you Colombia Buenos Aires Geisha COE #4 that scored 88.69 points

At the end of 2020 we shared with you the happy news that we have managed to secure Colombia’s fourth best coffee according to the Cup of Excellence prestigious international jury. Colombia Buenos Aires Geisha COE #4 scored 88.69 points for COE judges because it is amazing!

And after you had the chance to secure the quantity you desired until 4 April 2021 on a presale with a special price wth 15% OFF, this magnificente coffee is already on a regular sale!

It dazzles with its saturated floral taste with hints of bergamot, jasmine, citurs fruits and attention! – matcha and white chocolate. An incredibly rich taste! The acidity is citrus and delicate. It has a long aftertaste with predominant sweetness, the most prominent characteristic of this coffee.

This wonderful Geisha has undergone wet and anaerobic processing that contributed to it unbelievable taste.

Meet the farmer behind Colombia Buenos Aires Geisha COE #4

The farmer Israel Hernandez cultivated this spectacular coffee in his farm Buenos Aires. It is situated near Rio Blanco in the Tolima region. This region is part of the famous Coffee Triangle, where the best Colombian coffees grow.

Israel Hernandez comes from a traditional, humble and religious coffee growing family in Rioblanco, Tolima. At the age of 15, his father started to involve him in what would later become Israel’s main source of income and a large part of his life, coffee production.

His father taught him everything about coffee, from fertilization, to the post-harvest processes. As the years passed, Israel wanted to start his own coffee farm from scratch and to produce coffee by himself. In 2005, he visited a small countryside neighbourhood called Uribe and purchased a very small piece of land there.

However, every day when he would go out to work on his coffee plantation, he would stare at the farm that was located right in front of his, amazed at how beautiful it was. It took him some time to save up money and eventually buy it.

He called his farm Buenos Aires (which means “fair winds” in Spanish). Since then, he frequently receives offers from friends and neighbours wanting to purchase the farm, but he always says that he is not interested in selling it.

Perhaps he refuses these offers because he has realize its potential!

Señor Hernandes meets Geisha

In 2016, Israel Hernandes was looking for ways to improve the quality of his coffee online and he learned about Geishas having great potential to achieve high cup quality. He decided to plant 1200 trees of this variety. And he received training on how to produce it. He came to realize that producing specialty coffee required much more attention to detail and a more delicate work.

He has dedicated himself in growing specialty coffee after he discovered Geisha variety. And he admits that it is worth the effort because he is being able to validate the quality of his work with his clients.

Growing specialty coffee is not for anybody. However, señor Hernandes’ Geisha proves that he not only learned the basics on how to grow this specific variety but he mastered the production of a really great coffee – Colombia’s fourth best coffee for 2020!

We remind you that there were 3 Geishas among the first 4 positions in COE Colombia 2020. It is not only in Central America that the queen of Arabica flourishes with amazing cup quality but in South America as well.

How did señor Hernandes overcome 2020 difficulties and cultivated Colombia’s fourth best coffee

Señor Hernandes shared that 2020 was a difficult year. As a result of the the pandemic he had to work with fewer workers. It also prevented him to leave his farm. However he is a third generation coffee producer. And experience and background help.

For the fist time he submitted a coffee for the Cup of Excellence and he won the prestigious 4th place.

Israel Hernandez is one of those extremely dedicated farmers who deservedly won awards and decent pay for their work. Apart from his dedication, there is probably something else that helps señor Hernandez. He says he is constantly producing coffee with all his love because he believes that the coffee he produces is able to speak for him to the whole world.

Article written by napravimisait

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