СОЕ Honduras winner with four coffees in our catalog

For the first time, we will have the pleasure to drink coffee produced by the winners of Cup of Excellence Honduras 2016 – Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera

Four coffees from one of the most successful Honduras specialty coffee farms, Finca El Puente, have entered our catalog. You can now taste Geisha Marysabel & Moises – Golden Label, Honduras Caballero – Red Label and Honduras Finca El Puente – Brown Label. And in January 2020, you will appreciate Gesha’s cousin, Java, in Java Marysabel & Moises – Black Label.

Meet Finca El Puente

Finca El Puente is located in Chinacla in the La Paz Department, close to the famous Markala coffee region. Although not among the rich municipalities, Chinakla is famous for its good coffee from different Arabica varietals. Finca El Puente (in Spanish it translates as «the bridge») is the family project of Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera. They have been married since 1996 and have been cultivating coffee together ever since.

Marysabel has coffee in her blood – she is a fourth generation coffee producer in a farm that was created in 1907. Moises entered the world of coffee through a Guatemalan coffee export company. He visited Honduras in 1992 and bought a land with ideal conditions for growing high quality coffee.

Winning Cup of Excellence 2016

Working together and building on traditions has helped Marysabel and Moises win the biggest prize – first place in the Honduras Cup of Excellence in 2016. In 2015, though, they participated in Cup of Excellence for the first time and ranked in the unenviable last place. This, Marysabel admits, was one of their most valuable lessons. They must have learned their lesson well, since in 2016 they won the Cup of Excellence with 91.7 points and sold their coffee for a record $ 265 per kilogram.

They both believe that they need to share their success with their community and help develop it with any way they can.

The biggest coffee exporter in Central America

The soil, climate and coffee growing conditions in Honduras are the same as in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Today, Honduras is the largest coffee exporter in Central America, third after Brazil and Colombia in South America and sixth in the world in terms of quantity. We are extremely happy and joyful, but also feel enormous responsibility because Marysabel and Moises work with just a few selected roasters. You can count them on the fingers of one hand – the American Stumptown Coffee, the South Korean Terarosa and the Norwegian expert Tim Wendelboe.

Why did Finca El Puente choose DABOV

In 2018, Marysabel and Moises visited us in Bulgaria and saw how we take care of our coffees before we serve them to Bulgarian coffee lovers. We spent a few days together talking about coffee and our philosophy of life, we tasted many coffees together, and exchanged memories of hardships and success.

In July 2019, Jordan Dabov visited Marysabel and Moises in El Puente, en route to his first participation in the Honduras Cup of Excellence as a juror. And there, in the Chinacla department, amidst the lush hills strewn with conifers and deciduous trees and coffee shrubs, the three shook hands and agreed upon four great coffees that you can taste.

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