October 28, 2018

Honduras Ventura – one of Santa Barbara’s golden coffees is already here

We are delighted to share with you that we have received at DABOV Specialty Coffee showroom and café Honduras Ventura – a coffee personally selected by our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov during the competition “Oro de Santa Barbara”.

Oro de Santa Barbara took place in April 2018 in the eponymous region in Honduras and was followed by an auction from which DABOV managed to outbid the other buyers for three specialty coffees. We have already received the first one – Honduras Ventura from Finca Ventura. As you already know, Jordan Dabov was part of the international jury of the competition, which goal was to select the ten best specialty coffees from “the land of the reed”.

Honduras Ventura delights with a wonderful taste

Edwin Ventura’s coffee – Honduras Ventura, was rated 86.45 points in the competition. It impressed Jordan Dabov with a wonderful taste, dominated by dark chocolate and red apple, and sweet aroma. The variety is a Catuaí-Paca and comes with a clean cup and balanced acidity. You can now try it and buy it at our showroom and café in downtown Sofia at 58 Lyuben Karavelov Str. “I have chosen three lots from two farms,” Jordan Dabov said immediately after the auction. “I have met the farmers and have tasted their coffee. I really wanted their coffee to reach European coffee lovers and to pay a fair price for their work so that they are motivated next year to produce again such a special coffee. ” The small and medium-sized producers were the big winners in the Oro de Santa Barbara competition, with some selling their coffee to a thousand dollars for dry material. “The event in Santa Barbara was of great importance to the farmers there,” commented our founder Jordan Dabov. “The main idea was to show them that they could sell their coffee for a higher price than the usual they get. Most of them had never heard of such auctions, and the high-quality coffee produced in most cases went to the cooperative where it usually was paid for quantity and not quality. In this sense, the event was extremely beneficial for farmers, who thus are motivated to produce better coffee, experiment with the processing of coffee and search for a delicious cup of coffee.” We look forward to receiving very soon also two more lots of superb Honduras coffee from the El Retiro farm – they are of the exotic Obata variety, which we and you will try for the first time.
Article written by napravimisait

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