DABOV Christmas Magnificent Six

We help you give your loved ones only the things they really love. Here are our best gift suggestions.

Christmas shopping can be a great pleasure if we carefully select gifts that we know will truly warm the hearts of our loved ones, friends, relatives or colleagues. December is our favorite month at DABOV because every day we help you select the things your dear ones really love in our showroom.

Introducing our Magnificent Christmas Six – just a few suggestions to place beneath the Christmas tree that we’ve selected to help you choose the best gifts.

Gift Pack DABOV fan

This is definitely the jackpot for the super fans of our specialty coffees! The Big Gift Pack DABOV fan gift set includes two fabulous coffees – one has just been included in our catalog, two cups of cappuccino or expresso of your choice and other great accessories. But we also offer you a Small Gift Gift Pack DABOV Fan – with one coffee and one cup of your choice.

Coffee Subscriptions

This is the perfect gift for those who start, continue and end the day with a cup of specialty coffee. Give great tastes wrapped in convenience with one of our three options – Coffee of the Month subscription, Favorite Coffee subscription and Limited Slots subscription.

Latest additions to our coffee catalog

We have four new coffee offers this month, and it is difficult to choose one over the other. For the connoisseurs of the unique Geisha we recommend Geisha Marysabel & Moises, for the traditionalists is the chocolate magic of Honduras Finca El Puente, for those who love to experiment is Honduras Caballero fruit extravaganza. And for the real champions is our own original Sports Blend by Stefan Stefanov.

DABOV Specialty Coffee Socks

Instead of hanging socks over the fireplace in anticipation of Santa Claus, you can give our colorful socks for fans. Put them on and drink any of our coffees – you will instantly feel the Christmas spirit.

Choose course or tasting at DABOV Academy

Our Barista Academy will continue offering the most sought after courses and tastings but wie will add some new suggestions. One of the best-sellers when it comes to gifts for any occasion, is Coffee Cupping – everyone’s favorite until today.

DelmarTe Teas

DelmarTe teas are as special and as sought after as the specialty coffees in our catalog. We have prepared some nice Christmas gift boxes that combine the best of our three tea collections – Luxuy Gift Pack DelmarTe Exclusive, Luxury Gift Pack DelmarTe Home and a 75gr. pack – Luxury Gift Pack DelmarTe Home х 75gr. and Luxury Gift Pack DelmarTe Premium. If you are looking for something less ostentatious, our DelmarTe Home Collection is everybody’s favorite.