September 23, 2022

Dabov Specialty Coffee and the sea: Say hello to our new showroom in Varna!

On September 22nd, our showroom in Varna opened its doors at 21 Ivan Vazov Street.

The official opening will take place on 25 and 26 September – during these two days we will treat you with a cup of tea or a unique espresso prepared by our coffee hunter and inspiration – Jordan Dabov.

The story, however, turned out to be even more interesting, because exactly 101 years ago on September 22nd the great Bulgarian classicist and patriarch of Bulgarian literature – Ivan Vazov died. On the same day, 101 years later, on the street bearing his name – Ivan Vazov 21 in Varna we opened our doors to welcome you. 

This time we are inviting you not only for coffee, but for a cup of tea, and that’s on purpose. Because few people know that every afternoon Ivan Vazov liked to drink a cup of tea made in a samovar. Whether this quiet moment brought him inspiration or he used it to relax from a long creative day will always remain a mystery. But we want to honor the great Bulgarian author and, inspired by his afternoon ritual, prepare for you an irresistible tea experience. 

And if you come, you’ll have the chance to read his books while enjoying your beverage.

Don’t miss this out!

Over the years, Varna has always been one of our favorite cities where we have concentrated our efforts. Many of Varna’s residents know us from the annual “Food and Wine” exhibitions we used to participate in.

This is the fourth Dabov Specialty Coffee location in Bulgaria that opens its doors. It was a real pleasure for us to introduce the specialty coffee we fell in love with 14 years ago for the first time in our homeland. From that day on, it has become our priority to spread its magic every day – that is our mission. And we’re happy to have the opportunity to keep doing it – thanks to you! 

Article written by napravimisait

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