July 28, 2021

Do You Drink More Than One Coffee A Day?

If you drink more than one coffee a day, learn why it is better to prefer specialty coffee

Let us tell you how specialty coffee will be really beneficial for you if you drink more than one coffee a day.

Why drink bad coffee and as a result limit ourselves to one coffee a day !? We all know what are the unpleasant consequences of a cup of poor quality coffee in the morning – upset stomach, tahichycardia, palpitations. Many people do not drink more than one coffee a day because they prefer not to experience those unpleasant sensations. They are especially careful and avoid consuming coffee in the afternoon and especially in the evening, when to the above mentioned symptoms we can add one more, eg difficulty falling asleep and insomnia.

We have some good news for you! When you drink specialty coffee, you don’t have to limit yourself to one coffee a day, neither you have to add cream nor milk to make your drink taste better, and no, you don’t have to sweeten your coffee to be able to swallow it.

Specialty coffee has a sweet taste without you having to add sugar to it. Neither you need to add milk or cream to cnahge the bitter taste.


Specialty coffee comes with a lighter roast and therefore it can’t cause you any of the above mentioned unpleasant symptoms that mass coffee can cause: upset stomach, tachycardia, palpitations and insomnia. All these are the result of the dark coffee roasting, which gives it a bitter taste.

When you choose specialty coffee, you will have a delicious cup of coffee all the time, no matter when you drink it and how much coffee you drink.


You can drink specialty coffee even after dinner, without worrying that you will have problems falling asleep or trouble sleeping.

And as far as how much coffee you can drink, we say – as much coffee as you like. Our DABOV Specialty Coffee team, for example, drinks coffee from morning to night and nobody limits themselves as to how many cups that would be – whether it is espresso or filtration.

You can choose specialty coffee from any specialty coffee roastery, but keep in mind that we specialize in finding the best specialty coffee. Our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov is among the few people around the globe who have access to the best coffees in the world. He is part of the international jury of numerous specialty coffee competitions organized in coffee producing countries around the world.

The difference of a few euro per package can result in a huge taste difference. So choose carefully. You can always rely on our baristas for an advice to help you find the coffee that suits your taste.

And here is our coffee proposal for a full day:

– Morning coffee: you can brew your favorite coffee as espresso or in any other method that you may prefer

– Second coffee of the day: We advise you to spend another 5-8 minutes in the morning to prepare your second coffee of the day. Especially if there isn’t nearby a place to sell specialty coffee beverages, we recommend that you prepare your afternoon coffee at home and take it with you in a thermo cup. This way you will have delicious coffee in the afternoon and you will not have to drink coffee that you just don’t find tasty. And why not brewing your afternoon coffee in V-60? This way you will have as much as 250 ml. for your afternoon coffee.

Watch our video for instructions how to prepare coffee in V60 here.

And here is the best part! We have a special offer:

  1. Morning Coffee – we suggest our House Blend Impressions with its strong, full body and a gorgeous dark chocolate flavor
  2. Afternoon coffee – re-energize yourself with our Signature Blend Vertigo with its full body and enchanting fruity taste

Whether you order through our online shop or buy it from one of our two salons in Sofia, we can always grind coffee for your prefered method.

And why not adding to the coffees:

  1. Coffee dripper V60 – Hario + filters – a really practical set! Produced by the best company in the coffee accessories world, Japanese company Hario, the V60 filtration pot is extremely easy to use and you can quickly make delicious coffee in it.
  2. Thermo Mug 350 ml Hario – so that you could enjoy your favorite coffee wherever you are!

Or you can get the whole Set MORE THAN 1 COFFEE A DAY at a special price of only 44.82 euro!

Article written by napravimisait

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