March 30, 2021

Espresso Accessories – To Make the Perfect Espresso at Home

Every decision you take when you make espresso at home is important. That is why we have selected several expresso accessories that you can’t do without for the perfect espresso at home

Ah, espresso!

For many of us, espresso means simply coffee. If it’s not espresso, we don’t want to drink coffee. If we’re going to drink coffee, it must be espresso.

But what do we need to make it at home? What are the most important accessories you should get along with the coffee machine?

Yes, many of us have coffee machines at home. And it is not some new appliance to us. And most of us have probably tried espresso from more than one home coffee machine. Also, many of us have changed once or twice our coffee machines because we were not happy with the espresso they were making. And many of us are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of that shot which, in the morning, brings a smile on our face and injects us with a good mood, along with the great flavors of DABOV Specialty Coffee.

We have already given you a special and detailed Guide to the Espresso world. It is always there, if you need to check one more detail.

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And today we will talk about some very important expresso accessories that we recommend you have at home so that you make a truly magical espresso.

You can order all products that we are about to talk now from our online shop, or you can buy them from any of our two Dabov locations in Sofia. There, you can always receive an important advice from our extremely well-trained and always in a good mood baristas. And maybe, they will also share some professional secret to make your home espresso an unforgettable experience.

Tamper – Motta – elegant and easy to use

This Metal Tamper is produced by the Italian company Motta. We chose it because it is durable, light and easy to work with. It is also elegant, as we would expect from an Italian product. It is also quick to clean thanks to its polished surface. We believe that it is the perfect addition to your coffee machine. After you place ground coffee in the portafiler, tap the filter-end of the group handle with the handle-end of the tamper. This will dislodge the loose and misplaced coffee grounds, take out all the air. An important step for a great extraction. 

We also offer a variety of tampers among our Barista Tools. And if you want to act like a real pro, you can even construct your own tamper from the tamper handles and bases we offer.

Tamping station for best tamping

The tamping station is one of those expresso accessories that you can easily neglect as a coffee lover but we energetically recommend it to you. It has at least two advantages: it will be really convenient to tamp your coffee on it and it will keep you tamper in a perfect state, without a single scratch.

Why is it important to keep the tamper base without a scratch?

Any deformation on the surface of the tamper can affect your extraction. That is why it is important that the tamper is always placed in the same way on its special tamping station. When you protect it from scratches or any unwanted dents, you ensure the same extraction in both cups if you use a double portafilter.

We offer this simple silicone Tamping Station and a special silicone Tamping Station L. Both are produced by Concept-Art and are perfect to use at home.

We also offer this simple round tamper holder to keep your tamper safe when not in use.

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Measurement spoon or electronic scale for ideal dose

To those of you who love simplicity and efficacy, we offer this measurement Spoon by Hario. It will be easy to measure the right quantity of ground coffee in grams. Its volume is 12 gs – enough to measure a single shot (we recommend 8-10 grams) and a double shot (we recommend 18-20 grams).

And if you love complicated electronic appliances, we offer you this Electronic Scale by Concept-Art. You can rely on it – it is so precise, that it measures with minimum deviation of 0.1 g. And you can measure up to 500 grams at once.

Espresso glass shot – measuring for best results

With this espresso glass shot you will be able to check whether it is exactly 30 ml of espresso that pours through the portafilter. What a better way to control the work of you coffee machine at any time! And if there is a problem, you can quickly attend to it. This small glass cup is best for those who don’t have a scale. You can also monitor with a timer whether the extraction takes the time that the machine was set for.

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Milk Jug – for cappuccino and laté fans

We can offer milk jugs in various sizes – from 90 ml to  950 ml. You can choose the best size for you when you answer to those simple questions: are you a fan of espresso with milk or other coffee based beverah=ges that include milk and will you prepare espresso with milk for more than one person at a time. We have selected to show you Milk Jug – 350 ml by the German company Concept-Art. Like everything German, it is reliable and every detail in it is calculated to perfection.  

Knock-Box for coffee the necessary finish

Don’t be surprised that we offer you a special Knock-Box for your coffee residuals. Concept-Art has developed it for a quick, easy and efficient cleaning. It has a silicon wafer, which holds stable the box, on the basis on which you are working. The knock-box is also equipped with knock bar on which you can gently tap the portafilter until the coffee falls out. As we have already pointed out, German to perfection!

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Porcelain espresso cupDabov – maintains the temperature of the beverage

 This accessory is, in fact, a desirable addition to any big DABOV Specialty Coffee fan. And you are probably among them if you are reading this article 🙂 We have chosen this special espresso cup, as we can testify to its  reliability. It is made of high quality porcelain. Its special egg-shaped bottom provides for a better taste and aroma. The cup maintains the temperature of the beverage for a long time. Although we doubt that you will let the coffee in it linger, especially if it is a DABOV.

Article written by napravimisait

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