The Altamirano family specialty coffee producers from Mexico Dabov Specialty Coffee

First-Ever Coffee from COE Mexico Comes to DABOV

DABOV snatched the 8th best coffee from the online auction of the COE Mexico on Thursday

We are extremely happy to share with you the news that for the first time we will be able to offer you specialty coffee from Mexico. And it is a truly great specialty coffee! DABOV snatched the 8th best coffee from the online auction of the Сup of Excellence Mexico on Thursday. Without a doubt high quality coffee and its 88.22 points prove it as well as the fact that it is grown by the Cup of Excellence Mexico 2014 winner.

Cup of Excellence Mexico 2021 – how it was held

Cup of Excellence was first held in Mexico in 2012. This year, like last year’s editions of the competition, the edition took place in the new virtual format due to the pandemic. 30 lots reached the finals and all of them were cupped at least five times. The winner came out with 91.58 points and the coffee that is in the 30th place has 87.14 points. These results prove that there were indeed many very high quality coffees the competition! We were happy to find out that Eleane Mierisch from Finkas Mierisch was among members of the international jury. Do you remember that Eleane is the farmer who grew coffee number 1 in Honduras in 2019?

Meet the 8th best coffee from COE Mexico 2021

The 8th best coffee from COE Mexico 2021 is grown by farmer Adan Altamirano Dominguez on his farm Finca El Estribo. The coffee is a semi-washed Bourbon and Geisha blend. The jury gave it the stunning 88.22 points. We are already eagerly preparing our coffee cups to taste it. The jurors have found hints of red and black currant, dried dates, red grapes, chocolate, brown sugar, tangerine, pineapple and more … It comes with a multi fruit acidity with predominant citrus.

The Altamirano family specialty coffee producers from Mexico Dabov Specialty Coffee 1
Karen and Adan Altamirano in their farm Finca El Estribo

Where is Finca El Estribo located

The farm El Estribo is located in Nepopoalco, Zongolica at the center of Veracruz state. The farm has been in the Altamirano family since 1850. “El Estribo” means the stirrup. One needs this piece to get on the horse, an animal that gives triumphs but for so, one must mount it. With all the work, the farmers put their feet on the stirrups to move and go further guiding with the reins of hard work, collaboration, trust and quality.

When did Finca El Estribo start growing specialty coffee

For 7 generations the cultivation of coffee has passed until in 2012 the family Altamirano started with the processing of specialty coffees. Adan Altamirano Dominguez was winner of Cup of Excellence Mexico in 2014. In 2019, they built their own dry mill. In the farm, they cultivate bananas, oranges, lychee, izote tree, guava, macadamia nut tree, sweet lemon tree, sour lemon tree and other wild fruits for household consumption. The harvest season starts in middle of December and goes until the beginning of May, even though it changes a little depending on wheather. The coffees are washed, honey and natural processed. Finca El Estribo cultivates Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Sarchimor, Costa Rica and Geisha.

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