Geisha by Dabov

Let us tell you about our own love story with Geisha through the coffees of this exquisite Arabica variety from our catalog

We can speak and write a lot about Geisha. And no matter what we say or write, it won’t be enough to describe the experience that this coffee variety can offer.

You simply must try it!

We prefer to spek about extraordinary Geishas through the exceptional coffees we have brought and still bring to your cup.

Geisha and Dabov Specialty Coffee – first encounter

Of course, it was the most trained palate in our roastery, our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov, who encountered for the first time a representative of the Geishas. “I first tasted a Geisha in 2014, during the Cup of Excellence competition in Colombia,” he said. “Incomparable coffee with a single taste and aroma. The typical geisha characteristically comes with a sweet lemon taste, with pronounced jasmine and bergamot notes. It usually has a light body and is extremely clean and elegant. Geisha is a great example of what a coffee can become as a flavor experience. And that’s why it made a very strong impression on me.”

Jordan Dabov bring in Bulgaria the first Geisha and second best coffee in the world for 2016

And not only this. Just two years later, in 2016, Dabov Specialty Coffee bought for the first time in Bulgaria a Geisha – coffee number one in Guatemala in the Cup of Excellence from the Calibus la Sierra farm. “This wet-processed Geisha made a very strong impression on me during the competition,” said Jordan. “We were very lucky that we found the strength and finances and took the risk to buy the whole lot.” The whole lot – this means that the entire amount of this exclusive coffee, which in 2016 was the second highest rated among all coffees in the Cup of Excellence competitions in the world, reached the Bulgarian coffee lover!

And was the Bulgarian coffee lover ready for it?

“Some industry experts say that the sophisticated European nose likes wet-processed Geishas,” says Jordan. “According to them, Asians, on the other hand, like dry-processed Geishas, which are sweeter and do not have the clean and rich jasmine aroma of wet-processed ones. They come with a more syrupy body and have a richer flavor. I can’t say I really agree with those industry experts.”

Whatever the truth is, ever since 2016, Bulgarian fans of specialty coffee are gradually getting to know the Geisha phenomenon and to this day they have constant opportunities to taste it, thanks to Dabov Specialty Coffee.

And right now you have the chance to find out for yourself what are the differences between wet processed and dry processed Geisha, because we offer coffees from both processes!

The farmer Israel Hernandes in his farm Buenos Aires that he desired for a long time.

One of the best Geishas in Colombia won Cup of Excellence

In 2020, one of the best Geishas that has undergone wet and anaerobic processing won the admirable 4th place in the Cup of Excellence in Colombia. Colombia Buenos Aires Geisha COE #4 2020 scored 88.69 points in the Colombia 2020. It dazzles with its saturated floral taste with hints of bergamot, jasmine, citurs fruits and attention! – matcha and white chocolate. An incredibly rich taste!

All about its incredible story and the tenacity of the farmer Israel Hernandes who never stopped until he secured the piece that was his dreamland and build his farm on it, read in our article.

Oh, and if you want to check your knowledge about the history of Geisha, go back to our exclusive article on the topic.

The family of farmers – Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera.

Dry processed Geisha from Cup of Excellence Honduras winners

After you taste the wonner from Colombia, South America, you can compare it to Honduras Geisha Marysabel & Moises Natural from Honduras. This naturally processed or dry processed coffee is also 2020 crop, but it comes from Central America. It was produced in Finca El Puente by our friends and partners Marysabel and Moises. They won the first award in 2016 from the Cup of Excellence Honduras.

“Amazing coffee – rich, balanced, delicate!, our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov is astonished. “If it enters a specialty coffee competition, it will surely be among the winners. We are lucky that it has come directly to us instead!” Intriguing notes of apricot and mint enrich the traditional Geisha flavor which some of you are already familiar with. And we really want to know if you can sence those flavor notes!

Honduras Geisha Marysabel & Moises Natural is the second coffee from this Arabica variety that we have received from Finca El Puente. In 2019, we had the pleasure to offer you the wet processed Geisha Marysabel & Moises. Although you have already bought the last beans from it, it marked the beginning of our hopefully long-term partnership with Marysabel and Moises, along with 3 more wonderful coffees.

Best of Panama is synonymous to the best Geishas in the world

When we talk about the best Geishas in the world, we must mention the most prestigious competition in Panama, Best of Panama. In 2021, it will have its 25th edition. The competition is dedicated exclusively but not only to Geisha. It is a fact that the Central American country grows the variety with best results. It is a recognition and honor for us that Jordan Dabov was twice invited to be among the judges in this renowned competition. And not only this! He not only tasted the best of the best, but also brought two coffees from there for all of us.

The competition is also known for its records in coffee sales at the online auction. Last year, the No. 1 Dry processed Geisha produced by Elida Estate / Lamastus Family Estates received $ 1,029 per pound.

Roberto Brenes checks the quality of his Geishas.

Have you tasted Panama Ironman IV Geisha ВОР #11 2020?

If you haven’t – we are very sorry. It’s too late, because the coffee was quickly sold out, but you can take comfort in its story, no less fascinating than its taste.

The Ironman Geisha is so unique, that there are only four of this kind that were send to Best of Panama and two of them actually won the first prize! It is because the farmer Roberto Brenes submits only the best of the best washed Geishas under this name. This, along with its unique taste, convinced our coffee hunter and two-time BOP juror, Jordan Dabov, to select this coffee. This year’s Ironman climbed the coveted 11 position in the Washed Geisha section of BOP and comes with delightful taste of jasmine, orange and lemon grass.

A family of Gustavo and Irma Palenzuela, who produced the magnificent Dona Elvira on their farm Agricola Geisha.

And which was the first Best of Panama Geisha that we secured?

In 2018, when he debuted as a judge in Best of Panama, Jordan Dabov set his eyes on coffee that manage to gain the 16th position in the competition. Dona Elvira – Geisha #16 BOP 2018 with its sweet taste of honey and ripe melon along the typical Geisha flavors was our and your first meeting with a finalist from the Panama competition. If you want to remember, or to meet for the first time Dona Elvira, read our article.

Jordan Dabov with Eleane Mierisch, the farmer who brought us Honduras Santa Lucia Geisha COE #1 2019.

We gave you the highest rated Geisha in СОЕ 2019 in the whole world

Another truly unforgettable representative of the Geishas was part of our catalog and those who tasted it will remember it for a long time. Honduras Santa Lucia Geisha COE #1 2019 was not only the highest rated Geisha in the Cup of Excellence competitions for 2019 worldwide. When he first participated as a judge in the Honduras Cup of Excellence, Jordan Dabov personally evaluated its qualities and did the impossible to sneak it out for you under the noses of the biggest Asian roasters. If Geisha is the coffee world queen, we have presented you the queen of all Geishas for year of 2019, according to the most prestigious world competition for specialty coffee!

Isn’t this fact worth a toast with a Geisha!?

Geisha with 95 from 100 points – in our catalog

One of the most renowned Panamanian Geisha farms in the Central American country belongs to the American Joseph Brodsky, with whom we had a special partnership. It is no coincidence that the name of the farm is Ninety Plus Gesha Estates or 90+ (points) Geisha. The coffees that grow receive high praises by experts such as the specialty coffee Bible, Coffee Review. It was the coffee with the remarkable 95 out of 100 points from Coffee Review, Nighty Plus Panama Geisha Lichelo, that camed to your cup. Do you remember it?

Jordan Dabov visits Joseph Brodsky at the Ninety Plus Gesha Estates.

And off course, Panama Geisha by Dabov

We also remember proudly the product of Jordan Dabov’s special collaboration with farmer Joseph Brodsky, our own Panama Geisha by Dabov. It was born from the synergy between the two. It brought you an elegant coffee experience with hints of melting honey, sweet jasmine and sparkling lime.

5 quick facts about a Geisha to read while drinking your coffee

  • a variety native from Ethiopia but brought to Central America, where it gained most popularity
  • it is debatable whether you can pronounce the name as Geisha or Gesha
  • we all owe to the Peterson family of Finca La Esmeralda in Panama the beginning of Geisha’s popularity because they first appreciated the qualities of the variety in 1998
  • typical Geisha flavor – citrus fruits, bergamot, jasmine
  • Dabov Specialty Coffee is the first Bulgarian roastery to import Geisha in Bulgaria

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