April 5, 2021

Have You Chosen Your Thermo Mug for Dabov Coffees?

Let us celebrate Earth Day by reducing our garbage – when we choose reusable coffee mugs and win 5% of the coffee beverage price every time

It is not only on Earth Day, 22 April, that we stop to think what we could do in order to make our planet greener, cleaner and healthier. Last year we invited you to think green and be green with us. We continue trying to reduce the use of natural resourses. As you know, we already use the roaster Loring which, compared to other roasters, produces the smallest amount of carbon dioxide emissions. We store all our information digitally and do not print it on paper. We only print financial and working documents, some of which we then reuse – print on the back side and finally hand over for recycling. In our roastery, we generate heat from renewable energy. We have started using biodegradable coffee cup lids – we simply won’t use plastic ones anymore.

We believe that every small change matters – for our life and for the life of the future generations. That is why we now offer you to choose your personal thermo mug for Dabov coffees and enjoy our beverages in it again and again.

Choose your thermo mug for Dabov coffees and get a voucher for free coffee drinks

We are offering you to choose between two colors, black and inox, of your thermo mug for Dabov coffees because we know that there everybody has their preferences.

Our thermo mug is produced by Hario. All coffee lovers know that Hario is the leading Japanese coffee accessories producer. Their products always come with elegant design, high quality and durability. The Thermo Mug – 350 ml – Hario is with a volume of 350 ml and you can use it both for filtrations and milk based coffee drinks. Whatever you prefer, our baristas will make it for you. Your tasty drink will be warm for a long time and we will spare a paper cup. Our thermo mug is made of stainless steel. It is easy to clean and store until you are thirsty again for great specialty coffee.

If you buy this beautiful thermo mug we will give you a voucher for 4 free espresso drinks or 4 cappuccinos with our Coffee of the Month – the choice is yours!

Bring your own thermo mug for Dabov coffees and we will give you 5%OFF of your coffee drink!

In addition to offering you to choose your thermo mug now, we want to thank you in advance for supporting our green cause. We will express our gratitude every time you come to any of our two locations in Sofia by giving you 5%OFF of your coffee drink! Just bring your own thermo mug (even if it is not one of the above mentioned) and we will make your favorite coffee drink in it. This way we will save disposable paper cups together.

And that is just great, isn’t it!?

Choose bigger coffee packs – you and nature win from it

As you know, all our coffees come in packages – a pack of 200.8 g and a pack of 1 kg. Have you ever thought that when you take a bigger pack of 1 kg, you earn BGN 5 from the price of coffee? In addition, you help us to use a smaller number of packages of 200.8 g. And again nature wins. Not only do we create less waste, but we also waste less resources on making new packs.

Reusable bag – more trees in the forest

You have probably noticed that we also offer two 100% cotton bags. If you carry them when you come to buy from us your favorite coffee, we will be able to reduce the use of paper bags together. Fewer paper bags – more trees in the forest. If you do not already have a cotton bag, choose from a variant with typo and a variant with a picture.

Get your “Green Box” and we will add a thermo mug as a gift

After all that we have said, it is only logical to also offer you a Green coffee box a 1kg Honduras Caballero coffee pack with fruity flavor of melon, orange and ice-cream and a cotton Dabov Specialty Coffee bag for multiple use. And we added an irresistible gift – a thermo mug Hario of your choice! Get your “Green Box”and cheers to a cleaner and greener Earth with the best specialty coffee, Dabov!

Article written by napravimisait

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