September 7, 2022

How to take care of our coffee machine?

Like everything else in our household or workplace, coffee machines need good maintenance.

As people who appreciate the unique taste of coffee, we know that to enjoy a perfect cup every day, we need to take good care of the cleanliness of the coffee machine. Whether you have a semi-automatic commercial espresso machine in your coffee shop or a capsule coffee machine at home, we’ll give you a few tips on how you can find out what kind of cleaning your irreplaceable helper in making delicious coffee needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the coffee machines, their components, and how to clean them. It’s easiest to look at the individual components your coffee machine has and clean them accordingly.

If your machine uses capsule coffee:

Let’s start with the capsule coffee machines. If your machine uses capsule coffee, you’ll need to clean the brew chamber, spout, and washer of the machine. This can be done using a cleaning capsule. Using a cleaning capsule is simple, easy and quick but extremely effective. For the maintenance of our capsule coffee machines, we at Dabov Specialty Coffee trust Cleaner Caps, which are specifically designed to degrease and purify the brewing container of a coffee machine. They are ideal for cleaning Nespresso® coffee machines.

If your machine has a frother or other additional dairy equipment:

The milk processing components of coffee machines need a milk fat cleaner as well as descaling of the automatic frothers to prevent and remove milk build-up and clogging of the unit. If not taken care of, these blockages can lead to machine failure. Not to mention that this is a place where bacteria grows very quickly. We recommend MFC Green – an acidic, organic milk frother cleaner that does an excellent job of cleaning milk contaminants without leaving harmful residue or causing corrosion in the coffee machine.

And for those who want to take care of their coffee machine that they use at high speed, we recommend MFC Blue – high performance alkaline milk steamer cleaner. The cleaner is designed for machines used at high frequency.

If your machine has group head(s) (manual and semi-automatic commercial espresso machines):

Espresso machines and their group heads need a concentrated cleaning powder to effectively remove old, unwanted coffee oils, odors and tannins from the head, channels and valves. The powder can be used for routine cleaning of the group head, as well as for cleaning filters, trays and other ancillary equipment. We recommend the EVO powder, which removes oils, sediment and coffee stains, improving the taste and aroma of the espresso. The ingredients are rapidly biodegradable and odorless. It contains no GMOs and is phosphate and chlorine free. The formula is non-corrosive and protects the machine. A measuring scoop is included in the 1 kg boxes.

So that the coffee machine always shines:

Just as the internal components of your coffee machine need special maintenance products, it is advisable to freshen up the exterior with gentle sprays, not only to keep it clean at all times but also to keep it looking shiny for longer. We use Spray and Wipe Green, which is specially formulated for cleaning the exterior surfaces of coffee machines, countertops, tables and all washable hard surfaces. Safe for all parts of the machine as the ingredients and formulas of the product are NSF certified. Leaves no harmful residue and doesn’t cause corrosion. 

Trust Dabov Specialty Coffee for the best detergents and accessories to maintain your coffee-making equipment!

Article written by napravimisait

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