June 30, 2019

DABOV Academy with courses in July too

We have 11 irresistible invitations for you during this summer month

It is summertime. Not only the living is easy but also the workload is not so heavy. People go on vacation and you are in your right to spend some more time with your (work)passion. If one of them is specialty coffee and tea, DABOV Academy cordially invites you to its courses and cuppings. Our events calendar is rich in July too.

The course Barista Maestro finds its way back to our schedule on July 23 and 24, and anyone who wishes to dedicate herself to this profession can learn a lot about it from our founder and coffee hunter Jordan Dabov, the only licensed instructor for Bulgaria and Macedonia. This gives him the opportunity to issue diplomas with the SCAE seal, which are valid all over the world. Every participant in the course receives a certificate for Barista Maestro from DABOV Specialty Coffee Academy and Association of the Bulgarian Baristas. The diploma is worldwide valid.

If you still do not feel ready for this level, join our course Barista Amateur on July 11 and 27. Our Barista Amateur Training reveals all the secrets of different filtration methods in an in-depth 3-hour course and we will taste some of our unique coffees, prepared in a quick or slow filtration method:

V-60ChemexAeropressCoffee SyphonFrench Press.

One of the methods that attract the attention of most people is invariably the espresso machine. That is why we have special training for espresso lovers – Espressology. Are you sure you already know everything about it? Come and share with us your secrets for preparing a great cup of espresso and we will share with you ours on July 4 and 21.

Logically, those who make espresso, love to play with milk as well. We have created a course for them as well, Latte Art. On July 14, we will draw beautifully in our theoretical and practical course.

Our Coffee Cupping on July 7 and 25, is a great way to learn what professional cupping is. It not only includes a theoretical part and tasting of 3 different coffees brewed with different methods but also a behind-the-scenes look at the international coffee events such as world forums, specialty coffee competitions, and barista championships thanks to the accounts from our participants in them. Bring a friend and share the pleasure.

If are you already familiar with the Cup of Excellence competition and you are curious to taste as many coffees from it as possible, come to our Cup of Excellence Coffees Cupping on July 11. You can share it with a friend as well.

Do you remember that we also love and are experts in high-quality tea? That is why we offer several rich tea collections under our DelmarTe brand. We are striving to enrich tea culture in Bulgaria and that is why we organize The Art of Tea. Taste 5 tea categories alone or with a friend on July 14.

We are looking forward to seeing you in DABOV Academy with our coffee of the month of July – Ethiopia Yirgacheffe!

Article written by napravimisait

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