September 22, 2021

Independent Farmers in the Specialty Coffee World

Today is Bulgarian Independence Day and we ponder upon the idea that by choosing the most difficult way of growing green coffee, independent farmers actually also choose the most profitable one.

Today we celebrate an important date for our country, Bulgarian Independence Day. That is why today, we would like to talk about independence. For us, independence is fundamental for the development not only of the individual, but also of entire countries and all structures that they are composed of. And of course, we would like to talk about the independent farmers who grow a better cup of specialty coffee just for you!

Every time we were telling you about our partner farmers, we always emphasized the fact that everything is connected to everything. And just as we depend on them for the growth and development of our roastery, so they depend on us and on you – for their own growth. But we are interconnected and interdependent, because we start from the position of independent individuals and independent companies.

DABOV is an independent specialty coffee roastery

Our roastery is a small family company. After 13 years on the market, we insist on being independent and we are not a partner of any huge coffee-selling corporation. During these 13 years, we have chosen to offer you exclusively and only the high-quality production of independent specialty coffee farmers around the world.

We realize that being independent is not an easy choice neither for them nor for us.

And we have the utmost respect for our partners, who have chosen to rely solely on themselves and their workers to grow specialty coffee. Day after day and year after year.

DABOV partners with independent farmers

As you know, many of our partners run small or medium-sized family farms. They are also not connected to large international companies selling lower quality coffee. Independent farmers can only rely on the income they will receive for their production to feed their families and those of their workers, as well as to develop their farm and the life of their local community. And we already know how many and varied efforts this job takes.

Agricultural labor is a risky endeavor. And when you are a small farmer who has bet everything, or almost everything, on one agricultural product, it is even riskier. Our partners are extremely careful in choosing the places to plant their coffee trees, because they know that everything influences the growth. Fertile soil is needed for coffee trees and it must be located at higher altitudes and in a suitable microclimate, in the shade of other trees. When all these are combined with relentless work, the risk of unpredictable natural disasters is lowered. You remember that a cold front with unexpectedly low temperatures damaged this year’s Brazilian coffee crop.

Independent farmers – our partners love hard work and are not driven by quick profit

They love coffee. They live with coffee. Their world is not the world of quick, easy and secure profits that bring lower quality, cheaper goods. They cherish their green coffee beans as their golden treasure. Thanks to those beans, if farmers follow all the steps from planting to processing the crop, they will be able to invest in the place where they live.

Many of our partners develop various social projects for the benefit of their local community. As independent producers, they can determine for themselves how they will invest the money earned from their production.

Finca El Puente’s Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera build a house each year for one of their worker’s family. In Finca La Virgen, Gabriela Hueck has a special training program for female workers.

The education of workers’ children is also in focus in many of our partner farms. The higher the percentage of educated people who get better wages because they are more qualified, the lower the percentage of child labor, which is still a huge problem in the third world, where our favorite coffee comes from.

September – the month of independence

In September, not only Bulgaria celebrates its Independence Day.

On 15 September, El Salvador in Central America also celebrates its Independence Day.

A day later, on 16 September, Mexico also honors it.

While we are waiting for the great Coffee Beans El Salvador Finca Tres Pozos COE #7 2021, which won 89.25 points in the Cup of Excellence, we received some disturbing news from the country.

Last week, there were protests against the introduction of bitcoin as a legal tender. El Salvador people fear that this will lead to instability and inflation in their poor country. Many accude president Nayib Bukele of violation of democratic laws in the country so that he can run for a second term. He is the one who insists that bitcoin will make it easier for El Salvador emigrants around the world to send money to their families at home.

We can only guess how this change will affect thousands of small farmers producing specialty coffee in the Central American country.

And while Mexico is still under the joy of its Independence Day celebration, you can get a Presale Coffee Beans Mexico Finca El Estribo COE #8 2021.

It has 88.25 points from the Cup of Excellence. There are hints of red and black currants, dried dates, red grapes, chocolate, brown sugar, tangerine, pineapple and more in its flavor… Its acidity is fruity with predominant citrus.

The price is with a 10%OFF, and we also offer a free door-to-door delivery in Bulgaria. You can order now! This way you may be sure that you will satisfy again your coffee mania for specialty and rare coffee flavors.

Article written by napravimisait

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