Jordan Dabov hunts coffee with Andre Tokev

Our coffee hunter cups extraordinary coffee while searching for the best ones and shares some of coffee’s secrets to Chef Andre Tokev.

As you know, Jordan Dabov is now in Brazil as part of the jury of the 20th edition of Cup of Excellence. Earlier this year though he visited the South American country with Chef Andre Tokev. While looking for new extraordinary tastes that he could add to DABOV Specialty Coffee’s catalog, our coffee hunter shared many of coffee’s secrets to Chef Tokev and cup with him the new batches of some of the best coffee producing Brazilian farms. All this happened in front of the cameras of the programme “Food Hunters” (“Ловци на храна”) on bTV. Watch the first part of Jordan and Andre’s adventures here and don’t miss the second – next Sunday, 27.10.2019, 13:00 on bTV in “Food Hunters”.