Jordan Dabov opens the specialty coffee hunting season

Our coffee hunter will be part of the jury at two of the world’s most prestigious competitions and will visit two farms producing spectacular coffee in May

This month we are filled with thrill and fervor as a Turkish coffee coming to boil because our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov prepares his suitcase with everything that a juror in two prestigious world competitions may need. There, he will also search for your new favorite specialty coffees. The most important, his flair for quality coffee, he maintains constantly. This month, with the help of our new coffee of the month – Nicaragua La Virgen COE #6 2018.

Again among the jurors of Best of Panama

Jordan Dabov’s first stop is in Panama, where he will visit Ninety Plus Gesha Estates and again will be the only Bulgarian among the Best of Panama jurors who will choose the most spectacular Geishas. Do you remember that last year he returned from the competition with the magnificent Dona Elvira – Geisha Washed #16 BOP 2018 !?

And among the jurors in Cup of Excellence Honduras

The second stop of our coffee hunter is in Honduras. There, he will visit Finca El Puente where owners and farmers Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera are waiting for him. Their coffee won the Cup of Excellence Honduras in 2016. Marysabel and Moises were our guests last year. Shortly thereafter Jordan will join the jury of this year’s Cup of Excellence in the Central American country.

For all the stops on the exciting journey in search of the new great tastes awaiting us, we will inform you in good time.

But let’s start with the first one.

Jordan Dabov among the Ninety Plus Geishas

DABOV Specialty Coffee has been enjoying a valuable and fruitful collaboration with Joseph Brodsky and his farm Ninety Plus Gesha Estates for several years now. Last year, it brought us the special project, Panama Geisha by Dabov – an elegant coffee, leaving you with a silky feel and hints of jasmine, honey, and lime. And the exclusive Ninety Plus Panama Geisha Lycello, which we have the pleasure of being in our catalog, won the tasters of the world’s specialty coffee barometer – Coffee Review. They gave him 95 points, and you give him constantly 100, as you prefer its taste with notes of grape, lemon and lemon over others.

This time, Jordan Dabov will again taste Ninety Plus’ latest production. As you know, they produce single origin specialty coffees not only in Panama but also in Ethiopia. We look forward to finding out what new, tasty and unique taste will Jordan / Joseph duo will come up with. Ninety Plus develop scientific coffee production operation and they aren’t afraid to take risks and challenge the traditional practices of cherry and coffee processing. They grow long-living, heirloom varieties that thrive under 100 percent natural management techniques, and conserve biodiversity.