November 27, 2019

We bought a СОЕ Brazil 2019 winner

Last night, we placed the highest bid on the online auction for the Fazenda Aterradinho coffee which garnered 88,61 points from Cup of Excellence Brazil

We did it again! We have secured another Top 10 Cup of Excellence coffee! Yesterday, the online auction of the awarded coffees from the special, 20th anniversary edition of the competition that took place in the South American country, was held. We from DABOV Specialty Coffee were bidding for Fazenda Aterradinho’s coffee, ranked 10th with a remarkable 88.61 points. We were able to secure all 360 kg of this special microlot. Brazil Fazenda Aterradinho COE #10 2019 is the 8th COE coffee that enters our catalog, and 7 of the competition coffees are from the Top 10 in the respective country!

Why did Jordan Dabov selected Fazenda Aterradinho’s coffee?

We remind you that Jordan Dabov was among the jurors on the special edition of Cup of Excellence in Brazil in October and personally evaluated the qualities of Fazenda Aterradinho’s coffee. He shared with us why he chose this lot.

“We have been offering specialty coffees to their Bulgarian fans for 11 years now,” says Jordan,” and we have a very good idea what they look for in a coffee. At the same time, I always try to bring to their cup something that will invoke a pleasant surprise. Fazenda Aterradinho’s coffee is a wonderul example of the best Brazillian coffee classical flavor but it also offers some unexpected and pleasant original notes. And it has something that I personally adore – lactic acidity. I can’t wait to start experimenting with its roasting profiles once we receive it!“

What characterizes Brazil Fazenda Aterradinho СОЕ#10 2019 flavor?

So, let’s see what flavors come in Brazil Fazenda Aterradinho СОЕ#10 2019‘s cup! Our coffee hunter found in it sugar cane, cocoa, sweet chocolate and caramel – all these sound quite familiar, right? But then come some notes as orange and molasses. This lactic coffee is well balanced and consistent – no surprise here as well, is there? But then, it is also delicately savoury and comes with a hint of rosemary. Our mouth waters at the prospect of tasting it soon. How about yours?

Several generations from a single family have been growing coffee in Fazenda Aterradinho.

Where does Brazil Fazenda Aterradinho СОЕ#10 2019 come from?

Brazil Fazenda Aterradinho СОЕ#10 2019 was cultivated in the famous Brazilian coffee region Sul de Minas, at the South of Minas Gerais state. It is the biggest coffee producer in the country and this year it had 3 coffees at Top 10, including the winner.

The farmer who produced this Catucai is Lilian Carrajo. Her family traditionally grows coffee. Her father taught her not only to cultivate coffee but always to strive for achieving better results than the previous year. At Fazenda Aterradinho they grow only specialty coffee.

Lilian works in partnership with her husband Andre Ribeiro. If this name rings a bell, it is because he won the Cup of Excellence this year with a coffee from another family farm, Pai e Filho. And if Andre is Brazil’s Cup Taster champion, Lilian is dedicated to the post-harvest processing of the coffees. The family has stood out in several regional competitions and, with the improved quality, started to participate in national competitions as well. And they proved they have a lot to offer!

Article written by napravimisait

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