Last Chance for 15%OFF on All DABOV Advent Calendar Coffees

Only on 26 and 27 December, you can buy all coffees from our DABOV Advent Calendar 2020 with 15% OFF

The countdown to Christmas with our unique DABOV Advent Coffee Calendar for 2020 is over but our desire to make you happy with more pleasant and delicious coffee experiences continues.

That is why we have decided to make the weekend of December 26 and 27 our Advent Coffee Calendar Day for 2020 and to offer you the opportunity to buy any coffee from it with 15%OFF.

Thus, anyone who forgot or couldn’t take advantage of the preferential price for a 200.8 g pack on the day of the coffee in question, can do so now. And anyone who would like to get another pack of their favorite coffee flavors can act now.

We have received questions why some of the coffees in our calendar appear twice. Our aim this year was to include in the calendar the largest possible number of coffees from our catalog, but we are still limited by the total number of coffees we offer.

And if we had included all the extremely rare and expensive flavors, as well as all the Cup of Excellence winners, the price would have been unaffordable for many specialty coffee fans. That is why we have made the richest selection possible in which only 4 out of 24 coffees are repeated.

Unfortunately, some of you received your DABOV Advent Calendar with a delay. We want to assure you that we have made an extraordinary effort to send everything within the deadline set by the courier companies so that you can receive the coffee on November 30. Our colleagues from roastery and expedition were working overtime to achieve this. And we can assure you that over 90% of the calendars were delivered – and we thank the courier companies for this.

In order to receive freshly roasted coffee, packed, ground and delivered by courier in time, we have worked overtime as we are a small roastery and everything is manual. Each process requires technological time – and so does delivery.

That is why now we offer you another opportunity to get your favorite coffees and continue to enjoy them!

You can buy all coffees from our online shop or at 58, Lyuben Karavelov Str. On 26 and 27 December from 09:30 to 16:00. You can also buy them at 1, Hristo Botev Blvd., 5 corners, only on Saturday from 10:30 to 18:30 (Sunday we are closed).

Here are the coffees from DABOV Advent Coffee Calendar:

Ethiopia Guji Uraga – 1 and 19 December.

Taste: blueberry, raisins, milk chocolate.

Jordan Dabov invites you to have a cup of coffee that brings the ripe sweetness of summer into your mouth.

Nicaragua Gabriela Hueck – 2 and 12 December.

Taste: milk chocolate, brown sugar, cocoa.

Our favorite cocoa flavor is softened by the brown sugar sweetness that flows seamlessly into the milk chocolate notes.

Brazil Alianca – 3 December.

Taste: toffee, biscuit, multi chocolate.

Easy, daily cup of coffee.

Ethiopia Hambela – 5 December.

Taste: fruity freshness with predominant strawberry notes and sweet maple syrup

We chose this coffee because of its fruity freshness that lingers long on your palate after you taste it.

Costa Rica by Dabov – 6 December.

The last packs of Costa Rica by Dabov were sold out while it was Coffee of the Day on 6 December.

Honduras Caballero – 8 and 16 December.

Taste: melon, orange, ice cream.

Close your eyes and enjoy the sweetness of the melon backed with the subtle citrus notes of orange and the tasty finish of an ice cream.

Colombia Finca La Maria – 4 and 9 December.

Taste: brown sugar, toffee, chocolate.

Colombia Finca La Maria – Taste the rich Colombian coffee tradition enriched with 21 century innovation for perfect flavour results. The well-known strong caramel sweetness of the Colombian coffees finds the best company of chocolate and brown sugar notes.

Nicaragua La Virgen – 10 and 20 December.

Taste: mango, red apple, creamy.

Our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov suggest you try the intense combination of something familiar, sweet red apple and something exotic, juicy yellow mango to remember the summer.

Sports Blend by Stefan Stefanov – 11 December.

Taste: cocoa nibs, sweet orange.

A lot of Ethiopia’s sweet fruit mystery and a bit of Nicaragua’s subtle flavors – Sports Blend by Stefan Stefanov is our coffee for champions.

Signature Blend Vertigo – 13 December.

Taste: dark red fruits, cocoa.

We are proud that one of our first house blends, Vertigo, is still among our clients’ favorites.

Peru – Bio Swiss Water Decaff – 14 December.

Taste: apple, toffee, milk chocolate.

Attention! Our only decaff coffee in the calendar!

Imagine a coffee, that maintains its rich flavor even though it is decaf. Treat yourself to a cup of aromatic coffee with a dark chocolate taste any time of the day, even just before going to bed!

House Blend Diablo – 15 December.

Taste: dark chocolate, nuts.

House Blend Diablo is 100% Arabica combined from our favorite coffees – Brazil and Guatemala. Jordan Dabov recommends it for a morning drink that wakes you up and fills your day with sweetness as the taste of rich dark chocolate.

House Blend Coffee Religion – 7 December.

Taste: dry peach, red berries.

We have chosen some of our favorite coffees from Africa, Central and Latin America, and started experimenting with them in order to find the perfect and balanced cup of coffee.

Honduras Finca El Puente – 18 December.

Taste: plum, dark chocolate, hazelnut.

The balanced combination of plum, dark chocolate and hazelnut will make you prefer it to any box of luxurious chocolates.

Espresso Blend Impressions – 21 December.

Taste: classical Italian style, bitter sweetness.

Jordan Dabov was inspired by the best traditions of the classical Italian style for it and recommends it for an espresso drink any time you wish to close your eyes and take a quick but tatsy walk on the streets of your favorite Italian city.

El Salvador Don Octavio COE #21 2020 – 22 December.

Taste: orange, coco, caramel.

Attention! This is a Cup of Excellence winning coffee! El Salvador Don Octavio COE #21 2020 is every bit a great fruity Pacamara El Salvador is famous for, states Jordan Dabov.

Java Marysabel & Moises – 23 December.

Taste: melon, strawberry, rose, milky.

Java is an interesting alternative to the Geisha variety and also originates from Ethiopia but it is grown in Central America with very high quality.

Honduras Geisha Marysabel & Moises Natural – 24 December.

Taste: apricot, mint

“Amazing coffee – rich, balanced, delicate!, our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov is astonished. “If it enters a specialty coffee competition, it will surely be among the winners. We are lucky that it has come directly to us instead!”

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