April 30, 2021

Meet the Farmers from Dabov Specialty Coffee Family

It’s May Day again and we thank all farmers for their efforts to serve us a better cup of coffee

May Day or 1st of May is one of the dates that we get used to from early childhood and we may gradually forget what is exactly its meaning. International Labor Day and International Workers’ Solidarity Day have been celebrated on this date since 1886. Today, in many countries, including ours, we consider it normal to enjoy an 8-hour workday but there are still places around the globe where this is a privilege.

In the world of coffee, which heavily depends on nature’s mercy and climate change, working hours for many farmers extend often beyond these 8 hours. And yet, they do not give up! They continue to grow and produce annual harvest with great quality to ensure the lives of their families and workers and to deliver our daily luxurious pleasure, a better cup of coffee from Dabov.

We would like to once again thank the farmers of the Dabov Specialty Coffee family for the effort and love they put into their work every day so that their excellent coffees bring a smile on our face. We designed special stylized posters of our partners so that you can get acquainted with them. Not every one of them has had the opportunity to visit us yet, but through their coffees you know them well.

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Gonzalo and Yrma Palenzuela, the owners of the specialty coffee farm Agricola Geisha, Panama

Gonzalo and Yrma Palenzuela are the owners of the Agricola Geisha farm in Alto Jaramillo, Panama, where they grow their award-wining Dona Elvira specialty coffees. We had the pleasure of securing their Geisha Washed which was among the privileged finalists of Best of Panama competition with its 16th position in 2018. We thank the family for their dedication to their work.

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Lizana Morales, the owner of the specialty coffee farm La Lucuma, Peru

Lizana Morales has been growing coffee in her farm La Lucuma in the Cajamarca region of Peru for more than 20 years now. We have brought you her extraordinary specialty coffee that won the No1 place in the Cup of Excellence competition in 2019 with an amazing result of 92.28 points. And we are extremely grateful to her for it.

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The Mierisch family, the owners of the specialty coffee farm Finca Santa Lucia, Honduras

Erwin Jose Mierisch planted Geisha in Finca Santa Lucia in Rio Bonito, Comaguaya region in Honduras in 2014. The entire family, led by Eleane Mierisch, Erwin’s sister, has been working on the cultivation of this Geisha. And it won the 1st place in the Cup of Excellence competition in 2019 becoming the highest-rated Geisha in all COE competitions of that year with 94.84 points. And we had the privilege to buy it! We are grateful to the family for their caring attitude and determination with which they grow their coffee so that coffee lovers from all over the world can enjoy it.

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Cesar Felipe Villalobos, the owner of the specialty coffee farm Finca Doña Ileana, Costa Rica

Cesar Felipe Villalobos farm Finca Doña Ileana produces award-winning specialty coffees in Costa Rica. In 2015, we bought our first ever specialty coffee from the Cup of Excellence competition from this farm – an organic Doña Ileana. We had the pleasure to secure another of their highly ranked in Cup Of Excellence coffees in 2017. We are grateful to Cesar’s family for their dedication in their work.

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Cerezo Pompeyo, the owner of the specialty coffee farm Finca Kalibus La Sierra, Guatemala

Cerezo Pompeyo is the owner of Finca Kalibus La Sierra in Guatemala. In 2016, he won the 1st place in the Cup of Excellence competition in his country and this same coffee was chosen on the 2nd place among the best specialty coffees in the world the same year. We had the extreme pleasure of bringing it to Bulgaria and thus began our tradition to always have a Geisha in our catalog. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful Geisha in 2016.

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Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera, the owners of the specialty coffee farm Finca El Puente, Honduras

Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera are the owners of the specialty coffee farm Finca El Puente in the department of La Paz. In 2016, they won the 1st place in the Cup of Excellence competition in Honduras. DABOV is one of the only 4 roasters from around the world to which Marysabel and Moises trust their coffees. And we have already offered you 5 wonderful coffees as part of our partnership. We are extremely happy and grateful to Marysabel and Moises for the opportunity to work with them. They are two of the best farmers in the world with sustainable development and high quality at the heart of their coffee production.

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Gabriela Hueck is part of one of the two families owners of the specialty coffee farm Finca La Virgen, Nicaragua

Gabriela Hueck is part of one of the two families behind the specialty coffee farm Finca La Virgen in Nicaragua. We bought their coffee which won 6th place in the Cup of Excellence competition in Nicaragua in 2018. We believe that our partnership contributes to the betterment of the community that works in their farm. And now we have two wonderful tropical coffees from there. We are grateful to Gabriela for her hard work in producing great coffee every year.

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Ismael Andrade, the owner of the specialty coffee farm Fazenda Paraiso, Brazil

Ismael Andrade and his family produce specialty coffee in a farm with more than 100 years of traditions and with a continuous strive for a higher quality. One of their coffees that we have bought, rightfully won the 1st place on the Cup of Excellence Brazil in 2018. And we have managed to bring to you this precious coffee that gained 93.26 points. And some years before that, we had brought you another coffee from Capim Branco, of the family’s other farms. We are grateful that this way we had the opportunity to bring to you some of the best Brazilian coffees.

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Gilberto Baraona, the owner of the specialty coffee farm Los Pirineos, El Salvador

Gilberto Baraona (died 27.06.2020) was a third generation coffee farmer in El Salvador. His farm Los Pirineos is one of the most innovative in terms of processing experiments and richness in varieties. His original coffees have garnered many awards from the Cup of Excellence competition, including top 5 coffee in 2012, 2nd and 9th place in 2019 and 22nd place in 2020. We are grateful that we knew Gilberto and that we had the chance to taste his coffees, a benchmark for high quality in Central America.

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Jordan Dabov and Thais Staut in the specialty coffee farm Alianca, Brazil

Jordan Dabov travels every year to the specialty coffee farm Alianca in Brazill’s Mogiana region, here with his Brazilian colleague Thais Staut. Alianca is the first farm in the region where the town of São João da Boa Vista grew around it in the 19th century. Our partnership with Alianca in the last several years now contributes to the life of the local community. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the sustainable development of the region by drinking wonderful Brazilian coffee.

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Heleanna Georgalis from the specialty coffee farm Moplaco, Ethiopia

Heleanna Georgalis continues her parents hard work at the family specialty coffee farm Moplaco in Ethiopia. The farm operates with a clear methodology and precision of work which result in exceptional coffee. Since 2015, Heleanna has been trusting her coffees to us because of our shared philosophy of dedication in each step towards the perfect cup of coffee. We thank Heleana for her hard work and dedication.

Lilian Carrijo, the owner of the specialty coffee farm Fazenda Aterradinho, Brazil

Lilian Carrijo is from a coffee growing family and in her farm Fazenda Aterradinho, in the famous coffee region Sul de Minas, she produces only specialty coffee with her husband Andre Ribeiro. We bought her coffee which won the 10th place in the jubilee 20th edition of the Cup of Excellence competition in Brazil, while with a coffee from another of the family’s farms Andre won the No1 spot. We are happy and grateful for the opportunity to work with farmers of this rank.

Tribal farmers from the valley of Araku, India

Jordan Dabov participated as a judge in the Gems of Araku competition in India in 2020 where we secured the first 4 winning coffees. The one who was placed at 1st position broke our records and was sold for only 48 hours. All four coffees are produced by tribal farmers from the valley of Araku, Andra Pradesh state, and we believe that by paying a fare price, we contribute to the well-being and development of the local communities. We thank them for sharing their wonderful coffee with us and for the opportunity to be part of their sustainable development program.

Jose Octavio Umaña Valdivieso from the specialty coffee farm Don Octavio, El Salvador

We haven’t had a coffee from El Salvador for a while and we were looking for a special coffee to come to the horizon to remind us of the splendid taste of this Central American country. El Salvador Don Octavio COE #21 2020 is every bit a great fruity Pacamara El Salvador is famous for, states Jordan Dabov. It has receive 87.25 points from the international jury at Cup of Excellence El Salvador 2020.

Don Octavio is a farm Chalatenango, El Salvador. This land have belonged to the Umana Family for approximately 150 years. Farmer Jose Octavio Umaña Valdivieso started to plant coffee there in 2013 with the help and advice of several friends and coffee connoisseurs. The farm participated in the Cup of Excellence in 2019 and 2020, when one of its splendid Pacamaras was ranked at 21st place with 87.25 points. Have you tasted it?

Israel Hernandes from the specialty coffee farm Buenos Aires, Colombia

Farmer Israel Hernandes never gave up chasing his dream farm land and finally he got it. Now he cultivates there, at his Finca Buenos Aires, his superior Geishas. He sent a coffee to Cup of Excellence for the first time at 2020 and he won the impressive 4th place with 88.69 points. And we were quick to include it in our catalog. We thank Israel for the dedication and determination that drive him forward to producing a really better cup of coffee.

Diogo Texeira Dias de Macedo from the specialty coffee farm Fazenda Recreio, Brazil

Fazenda Recreio has been owned by the same family since 1890 and they have been cultivating coffee since then. In 2004, they won the 1st place in Cup of Excellence Brazil. In 2008 when they received awards as the 2nd place in Cup of Excellence and 3rd in 2009, amon many other awards. This year we oofer you one of their great Maragogype coffees, produced by Diogo Texeira Dias de Macedo. The deep concern of both management and workers with best social and environmental practices is demonstrated by the UTZ Certified certification of the farm We are grateful to have the opportunity to be part of Recreio, a unique farm with traditions in sustainable development of their region.

Specialty coffee farm Finca La Maria, Colombia

Finca La Maria follows the sustainability path in the coffee producing region of Caldas, which is part of the famous Colombian Coffee Triangle. There, the farmers grow Castillo and Bourbon with excellent results. The coffee of Finca La Maria combines these two varieties and is processed with the anaerobical fermentation called Fermentum Aqua Batch. This is how the rich Colombian coffee tradition enriched with 21 century innovation for perfect flavor results. We started our partners with them only this year and we are grateful that they shared their unique coffee with us.

Small farm holders from Kijani Kiboko, Kenya

Around 70% of the coffee in Kenya is produced by smallholder farmers working in cooperatives like those from Kijani Kiboko in Nyeri. Nieri is situated in the Central Highlands of Kenya on the southwestern flank of Mount Kenya. There, some of the best coffees in the country are produced. Some specialitsts claim that Nyeri is the Champagne of the specialty coffee world! Our coffee that originates from this regoin proves it. We thank all the farmers who have worked hard to gather and process the wonderful coffee we enjoy here and now.

To all our farmers, we wish to have the strength to withstand nature’s many challenges, to remain strong, focused and dedicated to what they do.
And we, in turn, will make sure that their coffees reach you roasted in the best possible way and bring you irresistible pleasure and put you in a state of bliss … Because a cup of specialty coffee can change both your day and that of someone overseas …

Let’s stand together for a better life and natural balance, here and now …

Article written by napravimisait

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