One big family – many extraordinary coffees

In the family-owned Finca Valentina, everybody gathers not in front of the fireplace but around the coffee pot

As you already know, for the first time in DABOV Specialty Coffee’s catalog we have a coffee from the Obata variety thanks to Finca Valentina from Honduras – Honduras Finca Valentina.

Let us have a walk around Finca Valentina

Finca Valentina was founded in 2013 by Bayron Evelio Peña Peña. With this name, he wanted to honor his mother and his daughter. Today, the farm boasts 19 hectares of coffee plantation. They grow Obata, Lempira, Pacamara, and Parainema Arabica varieties. The farm is in the Santa Barbara mountains and is managed with dedication and utmost care from the plantation to the final process. With a respect to social norms and friendly to the environment, in Finca Valentina, they produce specialty coffee with strict quality standards.

Where is Finca Valentina located

Finca Valentina is located in the El Retiro Village, municipality of Chinda, Santa Barbara, (approximately forty minutes driving from the city of Trinidad) amid a humid tropical forest, surrounded by coffee plantations. It is situated between 1150 and 1200 m and the average temperature is 18 – 22 C degrees. Its diverse terrain is home to different varieties of plants which provide ideal habitat for the coffee trees. Around the coffee trees, there are fruit trees, citruses, avocados, figs, bananas, cassava, ornamental, floral and timber trees.

How many harvests per year are there in Finca Valentina

The harvest of the coffee is once a year. In March, starts the flowering of the coffee tree which last only about four days. The coffee cherry then develops until November, when the harvest begins. Only the cherries that have reached the right point of maturation are handpicked.

Why do they grow specialty coffee in Finca Valentina

Producer Erica Peña from Finca Valentina, sister of Byron, shares with us: “Our family has been dedicated to coffee for many years, but we have been producing it in a conventional manner. In 2017, we set ourselves the challenge of entering the world of specialty coffee to obtain a distinctive coffee in order to add value to our product. Coffee is a food and we took a different approach to our farm, bringing benefits to our family and the families who work daily on the farm and, of course, the greatest value of our specialty coffee is to build long-term relationships with our customers, their consumers and our coffee producing communities.

How did Finca Valentina perform in Oro de Santa Barbara

In Oro de Santa Barbara 2018, where Jordan Dabov was part of the jury, Finca Valentina presented two lots of Obata variety. They won the 4th and 15th place in the Medium size producer ranking during with 86,42 and 83,17 points respectively.

Have a look at this video of Bayron Peña…

in which he admits that they are very happy that they can sell their coffee Honduras Finca Valentina directly to DABOV. “This really helps us in our work that requires a lot of sacrifice and dedication. The idea is to take part in this big commercial line and be able to export our best products.”