November 19, 2019

Have you tasted our cappuccino with oat milk?

We can now add delicious and nutritious Minor Figures Oat Milk to your favorite coffee drink even during Christmas Lent.

For a long time, we have been searching for nut milk to meet the needs of vegans and those who, for one reason or another, prefer non-dairy milk. That is how we found Minor Figures, the world leader in nut milk for baristas. Our main goal was to find a thick milk that tastes good and in which the nuts flavor is not predominant. It was important for us to keep coffee and its flavors the star in the beverages we offer you.

Minor Figures Oat Milk met all our conditions. It is specially developed by baristas and for baristas. It is enriched with protein so that baristas can work with it as well as with dairy. We find Minor Figers Oat Milk delicious and the fact that most world-famous coffeeshops have already opted for it as a vegan option on their menu helped us choose it. We must add that Minor Figures is one of the two biggest nut milk companies in the world.

The advantage of oat milk over any other of animal origin is that it is vegan, lactose-free or gluten-free. You can easily consume it during Lent – and remember that Christmas Lent has already begun!

Minor Figures is a London based company that has chosen to dedicate itself to products that do not compromise flavour, quality, or innovation. It is important for them to develop their products so that they are liked by professionals and by ordinary consumers. Thus, they hope they will blurr the line dividing the two. All of their products are 100% plant-based and have no added sugar, and they are both delicious and nutritious.

There is more – by choosing Minor Figures Oat Milk you choose to support sustainability. This is what brought together those who founded Minor Figures. As a coffee company, they choose to focus only on products that would make more sustainable impact on their industry.

Milk, they state, is the best companion for specialty coffee, whether you make cappuccino or flat white. “Dairy is the status quo for coffee – not the gold standard”, acording to Minor Figures. Their baristas developped this oat milk with the idea to be a subtle companion to coffee based drinks and not an ingredient that would steal the spotlight or change the flavor.

Oat milk is a choice supporting sustainability because it requires mush less land or water to be produced in comparison with conventional cow’s milk. Minor Figures Oat Milk comes in a pack of recycled paper instead of plastic, and with a soy-based ink instead of petroleum ink on it.

Do you know that…

…1020 l of water are necessary for the production of 1 l cow’s milk?

Article written by napravimisait

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