April 11, 2020

Our mission: To be green

We are inviting you to support our motto: Think green – Be green

One of DABOV Specialty Coffee’s team’s missions is to keep nature clean and reduce the use of natural resourses. We are constantly thinking about how we can optimize our work to use less paper, fewer packs, and ultimately reduce our carbon print. 

Last year, we decided to invest in a new roaster, produced by the US company Loring – compared to other roasters it produces the smallest amount of carbon dioxide emissions. 

Over the years, we have taken some other measures, such as:

We store all our information digitally and do not print it on paper; we do not print emails, or offers from our partners. We strive to work in a fully digital environment with minimal paper usage. We only print financial and working documents, some of which we then reuse – print on the back side and finally hand over for recycling.

We maintain wise spending of office consumables and we save electricity because its production causes the deepest negative effect on Nature. In our roastery, we generate heat from renewable energy.

We try to minimize the consumption of any resource, because we believe that any resourse ultimately comes from Nature. 

We urge you to THINK GREEN WITH US!

That is why, we strongly urge you to support our efforts by starting to order a bigger quantity of coffee in a single order. This way we could reduce greatly our CO2 emissions and spare mother Nature!

And this suggestion may provoke some questions in you, so we will try to anticipate them here:

Can I order and store specialty coffee in larger quantities?

Yes, you can safely order larger quantities of specialty coffee because the quality of the coffee remains top until the 60th day after roasting. You must store it in a sealed package at room temperature and never in a refrigerator.

When you open the pack, it is advsable to drink the coffee within 14 days. After each brew, carefully extract the air from the package and close with the zipper. It is not necessary to put the coffee in cans or jars. Our packs are reusable and store the coffee perfectly.

Will coffee’s taste change over time?

During the first two months, coffee’s taste will not change. The peak of flavors and aromas is on the 45th day.After that, they begin to decline. By day 60 you will have a great coffee with great, unchanged qualities. After the 60th day, you can still enjoy your coffee, bearing in mind that its aromas will gradually fade and not be as dense as in the beginning. But keep in mind that specialty coffee will never be bad coffee, and it will always taste better than conventional coffee, no matter how long you wait until you open the package.

If you have other questions, write us at barista @ dabov.bg and our baristas will reply to you in our FAQ section ou our YouTube channel.

SPECIAL OFFER for those who share our mission for the period until 30 April 2020

We will say “thank you” in a special way, if you order a larger quantity of coffee

As we all continue to be home, and as we continue to think about you and how to supply you with small dozes of happiness, we remembered endorphins.

Sports and food can be our source of endorphins, or otherwise knows as happiness hormones. We have decided to combine the two to double their effect on you. We wouldn’t dare recommending sports activity to you – although we can show you how we workout at home in our video. We do specialize though in one delicious and complex type of food, coffee.

That is why we offer you as a gift a 200,8 g pack of Sports Blend by Stefan Stefanov when you order our special boxes:

Espresso Box – Box with 5 coffees

• Brew Box – Box with 5 coffees for filtrations 

• Sports to the Max

And why not combining them with our  Minor Figures – Oat Milk for Baristas? It has been specially developed by baristas and it has many advantages: apart from being very tasty, it is ideal for the fasting period and it is also lactose free. And it has also been produced in a nature-friendly way – for a single liter of cow’s milk are used many more liters of water than for the production of a single liter of oat milk. Watch our video here.

Think green – be green!

Thank you that you are with us and you support us!

Article written by napravimisait

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