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Three herbal teas for balanced immune system.
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Three teas for balanced immune system.
The box includes: Fast Detox
– box 75g Ingredients: Blackberry leaf, silver birch leaf, strawberry leaf, dandelion leaf, white horehound.
Blackberry contributes towards normal digestion, birch contributes towards normal function of the urinary tract, dandelion has a detoxifying effect and regulates metabolism, horehound contributes towards normal function of the liver and gall bladder, strawberry leaf boosts metabolism.
Time to get rid of anything that prevents you from being the best version of yourself – just grab a cup of our amazing tea for natural and tasty detox.
Immunity Tea – box 75g Ingredients: Nettle leaves, elderflowers, sage tops, sea buckthorn berries, horsetail tops, purple coneflowers.
Nettle, sage purple coneflowers, horsetail tops and sea buckthorn contribute towards natural immunity, elderflowers besides that contribute towards purification of body.
A fragrant tea that boosts your immunity every day and makes you stronger and healthier.
Antiflu Cocktail
– box 75g Ingredients: Lime blossom, elderflowers, purple coneflowers, meadowsweet, mullein flowers, thyme.
Lime blossom contributes towards normal function of the respiratory tract, perspiration, relaxation and sleep, elderflowers contribute towards detoxification of the body, thyme and purple coneflowers boost immunity, meadowsweet relaxes and boosts mood, mullein flowers help clear the lungs.
Taking care of yourself with a single cup of our strong tea from skilfully selected and masterfully blended herbs.

Herbal Tea To Strenghten Your Immune System


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