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You are only as old or as you feel.
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You are only as old or as you feel.
And just imagine to always feel full of vigor, energy and strength! Yes, it is possible – with these three miraculous and delicious teas.
The box contains: Geisha – box 75g Ingredients: White teas Shou Mei, Pai Mu Tan, White Pu Erh Moonlight and Snow Buds, green tea White Monkey, goji berries (Lycium chinense), pomegranate peel, cornflowers, natural flavouring.
White tea is the antioxidants champion among teas, green tea has the greatest number of already proven benefits for human body, goji berries reduces aging, pomegranate peel cleanses body, cornflowers boost immunity.
The perfect mixture of white and green teas topped with scarlet goji berries energizes and relaxes you at the same time so that you can relish the joy of life without any hurry.
Ginseng & Ginger – box 75g Ingredients: Green Sencha tea, ginseng (2.2%), orange peel, flavouring, ginger (1.1%), orange blossom.
May contain traces of nuts.
Green tea has the greatest number of already proven benefits for human body, ginger helps the absorption and processing of fats, Superroots of ginseng and ginger have never been so delicious as they are in this combination with aromatic green Sencha tea, fragrant orange blossoms and delicate citrus notes of orange peel.
Longevity – box 75g Ingredients: Green rooibos, purple coneflower, chamomile flower, green oats, mint leaf, blackberry leaf, thyme, lavender flower, lemon verbena leaf, marigolds, cornflowers, flavouring.
Green Rooibos has higher level of antioxidants than red Rooibos and may have the ability to fight free radicals and protect cells from DNA damage.
Purple coneflowers, cornflower and thyme contribute towards the natural immunity of the body, chamomile contributes towards ones mental health, oats leads to detoxication, lavender contributes towards relaxation, lemon verbena contributes towards discharge of water from the body, blackberry, mint and fennel contribute towards normal digestion, calendula contributes towards normal function of the liver, intestines and invigoration of the body, thyme is rich in antioxidants and contributes to better memory.
This combination of superb green Rooibos and powerful herbs has a quick and completely natural relaxing, antioxidant and rejuvenating effect on your body.


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