December 5, 2019

We have created coffee for champions

Let us introduce to you our first blend created by Jordan Dabov especially for athletes and inspired by Stefan Stefanov’s sporting achievements

Sports Blend by Stefan Stefanov is the latest offering in our catalog. It comes with a red label and a rich kaleidoscope of flavors – the notes of cocoa nibs and sweet orange stay with us long after the last sip.

Sports Blend by Stefan Stefanov is also the story of a friendship.

We will tell you a story about two people who, like millions of others, have been brought together by their passion for coffee. While one of them lives to ‘climb the highest peaks’ of the highest quality specialty coffees, the other, one of the most successful Bulgarian lawyers, has also many sporting achievements engraved on his business card, his last passion being the climbing of the highest peaks on the planet.

We’ll tell you about how great coffee brings people together and keeps the flame of friendship burning.

We will tell you how fortune favors the brave, those who dare to go beyond and achieve the impossible.

We will also tell you how the professional barista / barista trainer / coffee hunter and juror in the most prestigious international coffee competitions to create this not just unique but very tasty blend together with the successful lawyer / multiple Bulgaria Judo champion / successful Karate Kyokushin contestant / equestrian / cyclist / long-distance swimmer and in recent years a high-altitude climber.

We’ll also tell you why Sports Blend by Stefan Stefanov is the perfect companion for any athlete, whether they are a pro or an amateur.

Are you ready? Prepare a cup of Sports Blend by Stefan Stefanov and check our blog for our first story. Coming soon!

Article written by napravimisait

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