May 31, 2021

One More Great Indian Coffee on its Way to Your Cup

We bought the No. 7 coffee from Gems of Araku 2021 competition

As we have already informed you, this year Jordan Dabov again cupped the best Indian specialty coffees in the Gems of Araku competition, but he evaluated their qualities in our own laboratory. The competition is over and the winners were announced last week. And we are extremely happy that we succeeded in adding one more great Indian coffee to our catalog!

The Gems of Araku 2021 results

There were 20 coffee finalists in the competition. The winning coffee lot received 90 points from international judges. The jury also evaluated four nano lots, and the best among them scored 89 points! All coffees participated in an online auction on May 27, and subsiquently found their buyers. Congratulations to all farmers who will receive decent pay for their work. We would like to thank them for their efforts because without them we would not have been able to taste one more great Indian coffee from Araku.

Which is the coffee selected by Jordan Dabov from Gems of Araku 2021

Jordan Dabov has chosen lot 171 – COFFEE BEANS INDIA GEMS OF ARAKU #7 2021 – ORGANIC. This is one great Indian coffee, which ranked 7th in the competition with 87.04 points. He loved its bright flavor apple notes and crispiness. The coffee is from the Selection 9 variety, which you probably already know from Lot 1 and Lot 7 from last year’s Gems of Araku 2021 finalists, which we have brought to your cup. Lot 171 crop was collected between December 2020 and March 2021.

43 farmers contributed to Lot 171 with their coffees. The farmer with the smallest piece of land grows coffee on 0,5 acres. The biggest piece of land with coffee crops from this lot amounts to 5 acres. A majority of the Lot 171 coffee comes from village Musiri Gondiguda. It is a village synonymous to exemplary coffee quality since 2006. It also has a stellar volleyball team that has encouraged youngsters to take up farming over the years! That is why this lot’s complete name is Lot 171: The Heady Mix of Coffee and Sport in Araku.

The children of the Araku farmers are actively involved in sports activities and even have their own volleyball tournament.

Since 2011, the youth in Araku has been united through sports via the annual volleyball tournament organized by Naandi foundation. Sports has played an active role in bringing the community together and passing on the tradition of agriculture from one generation to another. Araku, today, has a total of 435 teams and 35 out of which are girls’ teams.

How does sports help in growing specialty coffee

In Araku, they believe that sports can play part in growing specialty coffee. Sports achievements are the result of discipline, consistency and hard work. We must add to these a thorough knowledge and adherence to the rules of the game. That is why few atheletes reach the top. And that is why so very few farmers around the world grow specialty coffee. In Araku, the cultivation of world class coffee needs rigorous adherence to 18 steps to a quality coffee. This process has regularly evolved and farmers must apply innovation to improve their results. That is why it is crucial to pass this understanding and work ethics from one generation to another in the community.

The taste of Araku comes with our Box Indian Coffees

If you still haven’t tasted the three finalists from the Gems of Araku 2020, we have a suggestion. We have placed all three in our Box Indian Coffees and we added a gift, a cupping diary (in Bulgarian). In it, you can describe your personal adventures in the world of coffee flavors. And our box will give you the answer to the question of what a great Indian coffee is and will also help you prepare for the next one that is coming to your cup.

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Article written by napravimisait

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