January 19, 2022

Specialty Coffee Is For Everyone

Although it is only 5% of the total amount of coffee, specialty coffee is one of the most affordable luxury goods, especially in our country.

If you are one of those who still approach specialty coffee with suspicion… Or you just haven’t tasted it yet because you think it is unreasonably expensive, this article is just for you. We have been selling specialty coffee on the Bulgarian market for 13 years and although at first our endeavor seemed impossible, today we not only have many followers – local roasters or importers of specialty coffee, but also customers, which for us are as close as friends, from various professions or social strata. Today, we are sure that specialty coffee is for everyone.

Special coffee is exclusive, but not expensive

Specialty coffee accounts for 5% of the world’s total coffee production, and in order to fall into this category, it must have no defects. This means that at each stage of its production, the farmer has to work much harder than if he grows low-quality mass coffee. But the fact that specialty coffee has no flaws does not mean that it is irresistibly more expensive than conventional coffee, which leaves us with a bitter taste in the mouth.

Everyone can afford specialty coffee, as long as they want – much of it is affordable and very tasty.

Who drinks specialty coffee and why

We believe, and we have noticed from our customers, that everyone who strives for a higher quality of life, chooses a special coffee.

Why do people drink specialty coffee?

First of all – because it is undoubtedly better.

Specialty coffee is 100% Arabica! There is still not enough quality Robusta to enter this category, in which many Arabica varieties achieve already unique and excellent quality.

What would your day be like if it started not with bitterness that makes your stomach shrink, but with a delicious dessert?

Specialty coffee prolongs life. This is because it contains many powerful and healthy substances, as it is grown according to strict standards with a selective hand-picking of only perfectly ripe coffee cherries, processed and roasted so as to preserve its ingredients and make its most remarcable flavor characteristics shine.

If you want to know in detail what specialty coffee contributes to your body and why we call it a specialty superfood, read our article!


Secondly – because it is more environmentally friendly

Specialty coffee is grown naturally, as part of the natural environment in which it is located. Under the shade of trees, among other native species of flora and fauna, without toxic fertilizers. So it is good for our body, as well as for farmers and their workers who take care of its cultivation. The number of specialty organic coffees is growing, although it is not always as profitable for producers as it seems for outsiders.

Part of the organic production of green coffee has additional certificates such as UTZ Rainforest Alliance and Smithsonian Bird Friendly. Coffees with such certificates are especially beneficial for the sustainable development of forests. In general, we can say with certainty that specialty coffee promotes sustainable development.

Thirdly – because it is socially engaged

Specialty coffee is socially engaged and in favor of social justice. Farmers who grow specialty coffee support their local community. They make sure that their workers have a decent life – a roof over their heads, that their children go to school instead of working in the fields, that the workers undergo various types of training.

Specialty coffee has a special relationship with the women who grow it. First, the godmother of the specialty coffee is a woman, Erna Knutsen, and second – it just creates better living conditions for everyone in the chain.

Specialty coffee is for everyone because it is affordable

You don’t have to have an exclusive lifestyle or be a famous influencer to be able to afford specialty coffee. Of course, it also has segments and extremely expensive coffees that are only available to a few. But even among Geishas, the award-winning queen of specialty coffee, there are coffees that any of us can afford to taste. Why don’t you just visit one of our stores for a delicious coffee break – have a cup of coffee or choose a package for home!?

Specialty coffee is special because it is high quality, yes. However, it is not only for special type of people, moreover in Bulgaria, where it is at the most affordable prices from all over Europe.

If you are about to taste specialty coffee for the first time, we recommend that you choose one of our coffees with a brown label. They have a rich aroma and taste of chocolate and are the least different in this respect from mass coffee. We can honestly say that so far there has not been anyone who has tasted a brown label coffee and did not like it. And its biggest fans return again and again to the box of four chocolate-flavored coffees, our Box Chocolate. These coffees also have the most affordable prices from all our labels.

You can choose to start your day not with a bitter cup of coffee, but with a cup of coffee that carries aromas of fruit, chocolate or flowers.

If you still have doubts about which coffee is specialty, look for the answers in our article.

And then, taste a cup of freshly roasted and ground just before brewing specialty coffee, and tell us what you think!

Article written by napravimisait

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