July 24, 2018

Buy Standart magazine at Dabov Specialty Coffee

 Standart Magazine is waiting for you at Dabov Specialty Coffee’s showroom & cafe at the heart of Sofia.


Is there a magazine for the world of specialty coffee?

Yes, there is! It is called Standart magazine and as its logo states, it stands for the art of coffee. Quarterly published and print only, they dedicate more than 130 pages of beautifully designed and carefully curated content to the beauty of specialty coffee.

What is Standart magazine all about?

In their own words, “Specialty coffee and the lifestyle of third wave cafes are knocking at our doors. We would like to show people that our passion is not posh or hipster-good coffee can be the standard for every cup.” And as the team behind the magazine born in Central Europe loves coffee for its ability to foster interesting conversations, chance meetings, and rich experiences, these are some major themes they explore on their pages.

Where can I buy the new issues of Standart magazine?

Standart issue 12 is here, in Dabov Specialty Coffee’s showroom & cafe at the heart of Sofia, bringing you more in-depth coverage of coffee, design, and the people behind it all. You can buy it here or order it online with your next order and browse through its pages over a cup of one of our extraordinary freshly brewed coffees or take it at home and enjoy it along with your afternoon ritual honoring your coffee religion.

What can I read about in Standart magazine?

Standart magazine is all about asking the big questions and trying to find the answers over coffee and its talented host of writers and artists have prepared a fresh batch of articles and stories. As in every issue, they will take you on a trip to several coffee producing countries and some megapolises with quite an intriguing coffee scene. They have a look at the future of sustainable coffee breeding, and what sustainability means for the supply chain. The magazine introduces one more barista to you and gives you for free some of her advice; have an interesting conversation with a world-renowned chef; feel the pulse of the day with an article about the successes of exceptional women in the coffee industry. And there is more – an original short story about coffee! And when you think that it is over, there is a pit stop at an Athenian coffee.

Who recommends Standart magazine?

We from Dabov Specialty Coffee are one of the 300 locations from 52 countries around the world where you can buy Standart magazine because we also love reading it.
Giada Bondi, from our partner La Marzocco, shares that “Standart’s ethos is to bring specialty coffee closer to the consumer while setting trends. We are proud to be a part of their mission.” Dear readers and coffee lovers, order your issues of Standart Magazine, sit back, slow down, and enjoy the beauty of the offline world!
Article written by napravimisait

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