February 7, 2019

Apply for DABOV Specialty Coffee Academy’s new courses

At the beginning of 2019, our
DABOV Specialty Coffee Academy is working full steam and is offering trainings for
coffee and tea professionals and fans in February and in March.

DABOV Specialty Coffee Academy continues the tradition to offer various courses and tastings not only for professionals but for coffee and tea admirers in 2019.

Check out the events that will take place this month at DABOV Specialty Coffee Academy and choose the one that fits you best.

All of them are in Bulgarian.

Remember, each course or tasting could become an excellent gift for a dear friend of yours.

Barista amateur 17.02.2019

Barista maestro 19-20.02.2019

Espressology 24.02.2019

Coffee cupping 9.03.2019

The art of the tea – 10.03.2019

Espressology 10.03.2019

Barista amateur 23.03.2019

Barista Maestro 26-27.03.2019

Dabov Specialty Coffee Academy was born following the Association of Bulgarian Baristas that we founded in 2010. With the aim to offer training programs and courses to more baristas and coffee lovers, and to spread coffee and tea culture in Bulgaria we organize coffee and tea tastings and trainings. Over the course of 9 years, we have trained over 3,000 coffee lovers and professionals. Since 2009, Jordan Dabov is certified as a barista instructor by the European Association for the Specialty Coffee and diplomas for baristas issued by Jordan Dabov are valid worldwide.

Article written by napravimisait

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