It is time that you appreciated Honduras Ventura – the coffee personally chosen by our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov from Oro de Santa Barbara

At the end of April 2018, Jordan Dabov was among 25 jurors from 11 countries who cupped 60 coffee lots in Santa Barbara region of Honduras during Oro de Santa Barbara competition.

What is Oro de Santa Barbara

The competition for specialty coffee Oro de Santa Barbara takes place in Honduras for the 4th year. The national jury had selected coffees that would be cupped by the international jury whose tas was to select the top 10 best specialty coffees from Honduras. It is a great joy and honor for us that our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov was invited to be part of the jury.

“The event in Santa Barbara was of great importance to the farmers there,” commented our founder Jordan Dabov. “The main idea was to show them that they could sell their coffee for a higher price than the usual they get. Most of them had never heard of such auctions, and the high-quality coffee produced in most cases went to the cooperative where it usually was paid for quantity and not quality. In this sense, the event was extremely beneficial for farmers, who thus are motivated to produce better coffee, experiment with the processing of coffee and search for a delicious cup of coffee.”

DABOV outbid other buyers during the auction for three coffees

After the competition a highly competitive auction took place. Jordan Dabov succeeded in outbidding other buyers for three specialty coffees he had tasted during the competition. “I have chosen three lots from two farms,” Jordan Dabov said immediately after the auction. “I have met the farmers and have tasted their coffee. I really wanted their coffee to reach European coffee lovers and to pay a fair price for their work so that they are motivated next year to produce again such a special coffee.”

Coffee-bed-drying Jordan-Dabov-at-Oro-de-Santa-Barbara Farmers-at-Oro-de-Santa-Barbara

Honduras Ventura – melon, melting in dark chocolate

Edwin Ventura’s coffee – Honduras Ventura gained the impressive 86,45 points. It impressed our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov with its wonderful taste, dominated by dark chocolate, melon, and notes of stone fruits. It is winey and has a sweet aroma. The variety is a Catuaí-Paca and comes with a clean cup and balanced acidity.

Young Finca Ventura already grows expressive specialty coffee

Finca Ventura’s coffee Honduras Ventura won the 17th place from Oro de Santa Barbara even though the farm is quite young. Its owner Edwin Ventura opened it on Nov. 28, 2013. But he comes from a family that has grown coffee for already three generations. Today, Finka Ventura grows coffee on 2 hectares with unique agro-ecological conditions.

Despite the unavoidable difficulties at the beginning, Edwin does not give up and just two years after the foundation of his farm, in the 2015/2016 harvest he already enjoys the first batches of specialty coffee, which he processes through a natural and semi-dry process. A year later, the number of micro lots increased to 75%. The average rating for Finca Ventura’s coffees from SCA is 87.5 points. Edwin Ventura intends to grow avocados to diversify the farm’s production and use the by-product of the coffee – cascara, from which they traditionally make tea. He also plans to plant the variety Parainema, Cup of Excellence winner for Best Coffee for 2015 and 2017 in Honduras.

Do you know that…

The department of Santa Barbara registers about 16 thousand coffee growers, those who harvest ten percent of the national production, about one million bags among the municipalities with the highest production are, Atima, San Nicolás, Colinas and also the Santa Bárbara mountain. During the harvest period, the coffee sector generates one million direct and indirect jobs, represents the second source of foreign currency, after remittances, it benefits about 20% of the Honduran population that directly or indirectly depends on the crop.

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