At the end of each year, it is time to take a look back and look ahead to start next year, both clean and loaded with the best of the past – as a fuel to help us get even farther and climb even further, high. And in our case – to find even more amazingly delicious coffees to serve in your glass.

Over the past 12 months, several events have happened that fill us with joy, pride, and confidence that our efforts to bring you a better cup of coffee every day, day after day, are worth it.

1. For the third time, Jordan Dabov was among the privileged jurors from the international jury in Cup of Excellence Brazil. And not only that. His sharp eye was quick to see the qualities of the coffee that won the first place in the Pulped Natural category – Brazil Paraiso, and in the disputed auction after the competition we succeeded in making the winning bid. The coffee will be soon in Bulgaria and you are already able to order it on presale.

2. Our coffee hunter was invited to be part of the jury in Cup of Excellence Nicaragua. He came back with the wonderful Nicaragua La Virgen COE #6 2018, which have won the prestigious 6th place in the competition.

3. Jordan Dabov was the only juror from Europe in Best of Panama, where predominantly Queen of Arabica coffees, Geisha, are evaluated. We are proud that we succeeded in securing from the auction Dona Elvira Geisha Washed #16 BOP 2018, which was ranked number 16 among world’s most exclusive coffees.

4. Our founder was invited to participate as a juror in the regional specialty coffee competition in Honduras – Oro de Santa Barbara. Thanks to his insight and successful participation in the auction, now we are offering two coffees – Honduras Finca Valentina – two lots with Obata variety, which won 4th and 15th place from the competition and Honduras Ventura – which won 17th place from the competition.

5. This year, we welcomed in our office dear guests from the specialty coffee world. In November, Paul Starry visited us, and his coffee Guatemala San Gerardo is part of our black label catalog. In August, we shared thoughts with Honduras farmers Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera and Yunson Lee, one of South Corea’s Q-Graders, Alliance for Coffee Excellence board member and South Korean Terarosa Café coffee hunter.

6. DABOV Specialty Coffee was included in the Сup of Еxcellence Year in Review with a special member profile.

7. We have organized again a Charity Christmas Bazaar and succeeded in gathering 2120 lv. A great part of this sum is from the Christmas cards that DABOV’s employees’ children have created. We thank to all of you who participated in the bazaar and helped is gather money for the treatment of Vivian Kostova, 6 y.o., from Sofia and Tania Andonova, 4 y.o., from Sliven. We know that we can count on your support for an event like that and this makes us extremely happy.

8. On October 1st, DABOV Specialty Coffee celebrated its 10th anniversary. You can read more about our history in our Specialty Coffee and Tea Journal in Bulgarian only and in the interview with our founder.

9. In June, Jordan Dabov visited Fazenda Aliança in Mogiana region of Brazil, so that he could check on the harvest gathering. You are already enjoying the new crop in Brazil Alianca, which right now is coffee of the month and could be ordered with a 15% discount.   

10. In December, Jordan Dabov flew to Ethiopia – the birthplace of coffee. He visited Heleanna Georgalis’ farm Moplako where the harvest was also being gathered. Now our coffee hunter already has a very good idea what coffee we will be able to offer to you from there and in the meantime, you can try our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Ethiopia Kambata.  

11. This year, Jordan Dabov visited personally the farm Ninety Plus and negotiated with its owner, Joseph Brodsky, to buy one of their best coffees, Ninety Plus Panama Geisha Lycello. And from the exclusive partnership between the two Panama Geisha by Dabov was born which is a must try!

12. Our founder Jordan Dabov was invited to participate in Kapital’s special project “The lessons – 13 business leaders talk about success“.

As we bid good bye to 2018 with gratitude, and welcome 2019 with hope, we would like to thank all of you – our clients and partners, for the extraordinary year that we had. We hope we will continue enjoying your support and bringing to your cup unique coffees.

We would like to thank all for appreciating our coffee – to those who buy it to enjoy it at home and to those who serve it to their customers. With this choice, you make our non-stop efforts in finding and securing exceptional specialty coffees worth all the hard work, sweat, and tears!

We wish you all the best in the new year and we hope we could share this year with you!

We want to give 2019 a flying start so for our coffee of the month of January, we have chosen Brazil Alianca which comes from one of Jordan Dabov’s favorite coffee regions – Mogiana.

Perhaps you remember that in June 2018 Jordan Dabov visited again Brazil in order to check on the harvest gathering in Renato Ishikawa’s farm, Fazenda Aliança. The new harvest of spectacular yellow Catuai reached Bulgaria a month ago and you already enjoy its taste. Now we have decided to remind all of our Brazil Alianca which as a coffee of the month can be bought with a 15% discount. 

Chocolate with a hint of sugar cane

Brazil Alianca is from our brown label collection. This means that its taste is predominantly chocolaty. However this coffee is Brazilian so it is impossible not to find in it another thing that is typical for the Latin American country – sugar cane. Its heavy sweetness is followed by a wonderful milky aftertaste.

Old farm – modern management

Owned and run by Renato Ishikawa, a Brazilian of Japanese origin, the farm spreads to 200 hectares, located on an average of 1,000 m above sea level. The plantation originates from 1882, but it was only when Renato-san took the farm in his own hands in 1995 when the farm became synonymous with Specialty Coffee.

Fazenda Aliança’s coffee is grown in line with the rules of sustainable development and social responsibility. Its rich know-how and production practices with which it has become a role model all over Brazil. Natural resources are used rationally, for example, wastewater from the processing of coffee is recycled. Environmental projects are being developed to conserve biodiversity in the region, as well as social initiatives that gradually improve the lives of farm employees.

Watch these videos from Fazenda Aliança

He again won the privilege to participate in Cup of Excellence Brazil as a representative from Bulgaria in the international jury

Right after celebrating the 10th birthday of DABOV Specialty Coffee, Jordan Dabov left for Brazil to take part in this year’s Cup of Excellence in the country of coffee. It takes place from 15 to 21 October in Guaxupé, Minas Gerais.

Cup of Excellence Brazil has a rich tradition

The world’s most prestigious specialty coffee competition was launched in 1999 in Brazil with the first edition of it, followed by the auction Best of Brazil. The Latin American country is the largest coffee producers in the world, but two decades ago it used to be notorious as the country that exported coffees with the worst quality. In order to show the world that high-quality coffee is also grown in Brazil, and also to properly evaluate the work of the farmers dealing with this difficult task, a group of enthusiasts and coffee connoisseurs have organized the first contest. After its success, other coffee nations started organizing Cup of Excellence for their own specialty coffees.

Cup of Excellence Brazil is the most difficult competition for the jurors

This year, 936 samples of specialty coffee from Brazilian farms were sent to Cup of Excellence. Of these, 150 were selected in the Natural and Pulped Natural categories for the second stage of the selection. After that, only 40 coffees per category will be cupped by the international jury. It is these two categories that make the competition the most difficult for the jurors because in the other countries there is only one category.

It is very difficult to differentiate one coffee from another because of their common characteristics, and only highly experienced professionals can truly assess them so that they do not ruin a farmer’s hard work for a year. That is why this competition’s jury is also extremely carefully selected. Jordan Dabov does not participate in it for the first time, which speaks enough. In fact, he was part of COE Brazil last year as well as a juror. Together with his 28 colleagues from around the world, he has already begun the exhausting cupping sessions – there are 4 in each category divided into two rounds within 5 days.

Full concentration and cupping, cupping, cupping

Here’s what Jordan shared directly from Brazil: ” Sometimes every one must be very focused. This week I will be 100% focused because I am part of the greatest coffee event in Brazil in 2018! I must say that preselected coffees are very very good. So happy to be part of Cup of Excellence, such an amazing event! Strong professionals from Brasil and all over the world. This is indeed a “coffee world cup” with the best of Brazil in 2018. And I am part of this event. So I am 100% concentrated.”

We look forward to more impressions of our coffee hunter, even more so that among the finalists in Naturals is our partner from Sitio do Boné, which last year ranked in the prestigious 7th place. If you still haven’t tasted this extraordinary coffee, order it while we still have it in stock!

Enjoy the harmony of ripe red berries, fresh mandarin and honey sweetness in the aftertaste of Guatemala’s bio coffee from San Miguel region

Have you ever tasted Guatemala San Miguel – Bio? If you are not, let us tell you its fascinating story.

When visiting Guatemala for the first time, our coffee hunter, Jordan Dabov, was curious whether he would share the opinion of industry’s experts from all over the world that the coffee from this Central American country is one of the richest in aroma and variety of flavours. Luckily, his opinion was not only confirmed but also earned specific dimensions after Jordan met Señor Dariusch Echeverria from Finca Santa Rita, San Miguel Region.

Where is Finca Santa Rita

Finca Santa Rita is in the San Miguel region, located on the outskirts of one of the famous coffee growing regions – the Chimaltenango area. The farm is set at 1,800 meters in height, and breeds Arabica Bourbon. Finca Santa Rita boasts a rich history, as Jordan has learned. Founded in the 1860s by Dariush’s great-great-grandfather, who has been President of the country, it has survived glorious and extremely difficult moments, and today it is proud of its Specialty Coffee. And not only of it. Dariush is a fifth-generation coffee farmer. His family speaks the language of coffee first and Spanish comes only second. Just by talking to him, one can learn a lot about growing really good coffee. Although it is situated only a hundred kilometers from the capital of Guatemala, it seems that time has stopped in the eponymous main city of Chimaltenango. This however, is only beneficial for the locals. The sense community is neither lost nor overshadowed by the 21st century alienation, and perhaps it is also one of the important reasons why Darius Echeverria’s farm has developed so successfully.

Tradition and innovation

Dariush is almost as obsessed with high quality as is Jordan. Both share common values – in Santa Rita, they have embraced sustainability and grow coffee with an utmost respect for nature. Unsurprisingly, their coveted coffee Guatemala San Miguel – Bio, has an Organic certificate, Rainforest Alliance certificate and a special Bird Friendly certificate from the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. The farm is afforested with a variety of local tree species, with coffee growing in the shade of bananas. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the name of Guatemala, which comes from the Nahuat language, means “a place with many trees”. There is plenty of fish in the natural water sources in the farm but fishing and hunting are forbidden to preserve local flora and fauna. The coffee is wet processed – the water used for this is subsequently filtered so as not to pollute the rivers, and the pulp of the coffee cherries is used as an organic fertilizer.


Coffee is Guatemala number 1 export commodity

Today, coffee is grown in 20 of Guatemala’s 22 departments, with around 270,000 hectares planted under coffee, almost all of which (98%) is shade grown. In each area, the coffee is grown at a suitable height for the variety, and only varieties suitable for the respective soil and climatic conditions in the region are planted.

What taste you will find in Guatemala San Miguel – Bio

Still, let’s talk about the coffee itself! Because it is precisely the taste of the coffee that attracted the attention of our coffee hunter. Guatemala San Miguel – Bio has an exceptionally balanced taste and the red berries and mandarin notes in the flavor. Rich body honeyed sweetness in the cup, which remains in the aftertaste. For excellent results, you can prepare it in V60, Hemex, and French press. It is suitable also for Espresso lovers who prefer fruity flavor because it is exactly Guatemala San Miguel – Bio that we use for some of our Espresso blends to infuse them with its unique fruity taste.

Do you know that…

Guatemala has been producing coffee since the 19th century thanks to … German immigrant pioneers who first began to cultivate it in the country. Today, almost a quarter of the 12 million population sustain itself by coffee. Guatemala annually produces 3.5 million bags. Coffee from this Central American country is among the best in the world, according to specialists – especially high-growing (over 1300m as mountain areas occupy more than half of Guatemala’s territory) and volcanic soils in its southern part. Jordan Dabov was invited to participate in the programme “Ten” (Deset / Десет) on Bulgaria on Air television. He spoke about his love for coffee and how he nourishes it every day. He says that coffee is a remedy for good mood and reveals some of its most intriguing secrets. Watch the program here:
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