Take Part in Our Charity Christmas Bazaar 2020

The proceeds from the sales will be divided among three children that need medical treatment outside Bulgaria

2020 is a year full of obstacles and challenges. And even though it is not over yet, we can be sure of one thing – there wasn’t other moment in our recent history that we needed more solidarity as we do today.

That is why we continue our tradition in organizing charitable Christmas events. One of them is our bazaar “The Children of Dabov for the Children of Bulgaria”.

Our kids design postcards for the charity Christmas bazaar 2020

Our charity Christmas bazaar 2020 will take place between 1 and 31 December in our two saloons in Sofia. We will be expeting you at 58, Lyuben Karavelov Str. or at 1, Hristo Botev Blv, The 5 Corners in Sofia.

You will be able to choose among handmade postcards that the children of DABOV Specialty Coffee staff have made. Our children will work at their homes during the weekend of 28-29 November for the cause of our charity Christmas bazaar 2020. They will let their imagination help them create original Christmas cards. And as usual, they will do this with a lot of good will.

Donate a handmade souvenir or artifact for our charity Christmas bazaar 2020

And just as we did last year, we are now inviting all our friends who wish to donate handmade Christmas souvenirs or other artifacts they have personally created, to do so before 1 December. You can bring them in one of our saloons in Sofia. We are expecting you at 58, Lyuben Karavelov Str. or at 1, Hristo Botev Blv, The Five Corners in Sofia.

Last year we were lucky to receive unique artifacts. All of them were created by talented hands and generous hearts that made those who bought them happy. We count on you this year as well!

The proceeds from all sales will be divided into three equal parts between three children that heed medical treatment outside Bulgaria. They are Nelis, 2 y.o. from Veliko Tarnovo, Vasi, 6 y.o. from Kardzhali and Angel from Shumen.

We are extremely happy to share with you the news about the three children from or last year’s campaign. Bojidara, 5 y.o. from Plovdiv, Crisco, 13 y.o. from Bankya and Jordana, 2 y.o. from Radomir have gathered all the money necessary for their respective surgeries and therapies. Not only that but they have successfully gone through them!

Don’t forget our other charitable cause behind our Christmas Blend

And in the meantime, don’t forget that we stay behind one more charitable cause this year. We support Cedar Foundation and their endevour to help underprivilieged children. As we have already informed you, we will donate 1 lv. from every pack of Christmas Blend that you buy to Cedar Foundation and their charitable cause.

It is already mixed and roasted and you can make your friends and family happy with it, enjoy it personally and bring a smile on the faces of the young people that Cedar Foundation takes care of.

Get ready for our charity Christmas bazaar 2020! Soon, we will show photos of the collected items!

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