The best coffee we have ever offered you

Soon, you will be able to appreciate Honduras Santa Lucia Geisha СОЕ #1 2019 – the highest ranked Geisha in all СОЕ competitions in 2019

For 11 years we have been offering you the best specialty coffees in the world. To distinguish among them, we have created different labels. This year, we have already reached a new level of exclusivity with the addition of a Golden label to our collection of Brown, Red and Black labels. But before the end of 2019, we will take you one step closer to perfection with our brand new Platinum label. It will crown the highest-rated Geisha in all Cup of Excellence competitions this year. Honduras Santa Lucia Geisha COE #1 2019 won the competition in Honduras, where Jordan Dabov was part of the international jury for the first time.

Finca Santa Lucia’s Washed Geisha received 94,84 points from the international jurors. Our coffee hunter was so impressed by it, that he personally gave it 96 points – the highest mark he has ever given during his 10 COE competitions as a juror.

This year’s Cup of Excellence Honduras was particularly strong – the jurors awarded 6 coffees with 90 + points. Finca Santa Lucia should be proud of their success also because their coffee’s result is the second best in the hsitory of COE Honduras.

So, who stands behind the highest-rated Geisha in Cup of Excellence 2019?

Finca Santa Lucia is situated in Rio Bonito, Siguatepeque, Comaguaya region. There, in 2014, Erwin Jose Mierisch decided to plant Geisha which he had brought from Panama. The farm is located at 1650-1800 meters above sea level, with a Geisha growing at exactly 1567 meters above sea level. Over the past five years, the entire Mierisch family, led by Eleane Mierisch, Erwin’s sister, has been working on the cultivation and processing of this Geisha.

Eleane, just like her father, Fincas Mierisch doyen, Doc Mierish, has a medical degree but again like him, she has dedicated her life to coffee. For several years, she has been responsible for the quality control of production and processing station. Curiously enough, the Mierish family is from Nicaragua and grows Arabica varieties in several different farms in both countries. That’s why two years ago, Eleane took part of the National Jury of the Cup of Excellence in Nicaragua. This has helped her a lot in her work in the farms. And the result is obvious.

How about the flavors of Honduras Santa Lucia Geisha СОЕ #1 2019?

Let us tell you a little about the flavor of this breath-taking coffee: in addition to the traditional Geisha jasmine and bergamot aromas, the jurors found many other fruity and flowery notes, but perhaps the most interesting element is the Champagne sensation. Perhaps that is why the acidity of the coffee is delicately citric and sparkling. Coffee with many layers of sensations and flavors. Do you feel like tasting it yet?