The Brazilian Trail in Dabov Specialty Coffee

24 May is an important day in Brazil – it is the National Coffee Day

Today we invite you to follow the Brazilian trail in Dabov Specialty Coffee. Brazil is a special country in the heart of any coffee lover. It is extremely special for our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov. This is not just the biggest coffee producer in the world. It is also the country that constantly respects Jordan with the innovations in the coffee industry and especially in the small but very important sector of specialty coffee. Our coffee hunter claims that Brazilians are “the most motivated coffee producers.” Brazil is where Jordan participated in the Cup of Excellence for the first time as an observer, and from there he gained a position in the international jury of the forum. And this is the country from which we have invariably offered you great coffee since 2014.

24 May – National Coffee Day in Brazil

On May 24, Brazil celebrates National Coffee Day. The date was chosen because usually this is the time when the new harvest begins in all Brazilian regions. It has been celebrated since 2005 following a proposal by the Association of the Brazilian Coffee Industry (Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Café – ABIC). It is considered the most important date for all coffee producers in the country. And for its fans! Coffee in Brazil is a national passion, just like football. It is no coincidence that the country is the second largest consumer of coffee in the world. The Brazilian Coffee Industry Association is proud to note that one in three cups of coffee consumed daily in the world is Brazilian.

According to statistics, there are about 300,000 coffee farms in Brazil, 78% of which are family-run. Coffee is grown in 16 of the 26 Brazilian states in 1,448 municipalities. This number equals to about 26% of all Brazilian municipalities. The coffee industry employs directly or indirectly more than 8 million people out of the country’s 211 million population.

Let us follow the Brazilian trail in Dabov Specialty coffee with the coffees we have brought to you!

Jordan Dabov, Renato Ishikawa and Andre Tokev in Fazenda Alianca.

This coffee, Brazil Alliance, is a mother who can embrace absolutely any child

Ever year since 2015, we are happy to offer you Fazenda Alianca’s annual crop. This farm is a unique place that combines tradition and innovation in the most positive way possible. It is located in the state of Sao Paulo, in the famous coffee region of Mogiana. Jordan Dabov loves visiting the farm and its owner, Renato Ishikawa, because the plantation is built and developed on the philosophy behind specialty coffee.

You can read the history of Fazenda Alianca in our article. And if you haven’t tasted their unique coffee yet, now is the time to get Coffee Beans Brazil Alianca. This is also our current Coffee of the month and until the end of May comes with a 15%OFF for a package of 200, 8 grams.

A СОЕ Brazil 2019 finalist in our catalog

In 2019, we managed to secure the 10th best specialty coffee in Brazil from the Cup of Excellence competition. Brazil Fazenda Aterradinho COE #10 2019 was the 8th COE coffee which we had the pleasure to include in our catalog. It came with a remarkable 88.61 points. A curious fact is that it was produced in one of the family farms of the COE 2019 winner – but not by him. It was cultivated by his wife, also an excellent coffee farmer! Jordan Dabov was part of the COE jury that year.

We hope you were lucky enough to taste Brazil Fazenda Aterradinho COE #10 2019! You can read its story here.

The farmer Ismael de Andrade

We gave you Brazil’s number 1 coffee from 2018

Let’s remember the happy fact that in 2018 we managed to offer you the number 1 coffee according to the Cup of Excellence Brazil. Brazil Fazenda Paraiso COE #1 2018 won the competition with 93.26 points. Jordan Dabov was again among the international judges who cupped and evaluated the best coffees in the country. And the farm where the winner was produced is one of the oldest family farms in the country. In its already over 155-year history, it has won more than one or two prizes in major coffee competitions.

Besides that, we already knew the Andrade Brothers’ coffees well since 2014. It was in that year when we offered you another great coffee from one of the family plantations, Brazil Capim Branco.

If you still haven’t met the farmer behind the best Brazilian specialty coffee for 2018, read our article about Ismael Jose de Andrade.

The 7th best СОЕ 2017 coffee was also part of our catalog

And yet another Cup of Excellence Brazil’s finalist has come to your cup in 2018. It was the 7th best coffee from the competition, Brazil Sitio do Bone #7 COE 2017. It was cultivated and produced in a family farm from the Minas Gerais estate and everybody who tasted it, loved its rich flavor.

On the way to become delicious coffee – coffee beans drying on a patio in Fazenda Recreio.

Fazenda Recreio is also a COE winner

Our newest Brazilian coffee, Coffee Beans Brazil Fazenda Recreio comes from a 130 y.o. coffee farm from São Paulo. It is not only a traditional producer but also one that implements innovative processes and as a result, in 2004, won the first postion in Cup of Excellence. It also has often coffees among the COE finalists.

Have you already visited this coffee spot on the map of Brazil? If you still haven’t, do it with our special feature. And don’t miss the opportunity to taste Coffee Beans Brazil Fazenda Recreio, especially if you don’t know yet what the taste of Maragogipe variety is.

The first tasting of Dabov coffees in Brazil

In 2019, in Brazil took place the first cupping of selected coffees from Dabov Specialty Coffee’s catalog. A few curious customers of the Um Cafe chain in Sao Paulo had the pleasure of participating. The cupping also provoked interest among professionals in the area of specialty coffee in the largest Brazilian city. 

Jordan Dabov during the 20th jubilee edition of СОЕ Brazil in 2019.

Cup of Excellence Brazil and Jordan Dabov

Jordan Dabov was a member of the international jury of the Cup of Excellence Brazil four times already. It is a great joy and honor for us that he was among those invited to the jubilee 20th edition of the competition in 2019, along with the Cup of Excellence founders. It is no coincidence that the most prestigious world competition for specialty coffee was created and first held in Brazil and that the idea for such a forum originates from there. If you are not familiar with the history of the Cup of Excellence yet, read our thorough article on the subject.

You can also read more about Jordan Dabov’s participation in Cup of Excellence Brazil in 2018.

Looking for the best Brazilian coffees with our partners from Qualicafex

We must mention our Brazilian partners from Qualicafex, João Staut and Thais Staut. Thanks to our partnership with them, we keep on discovering remarkable Brazilian farms such as Fazenda Alianca and Fazenda Recreio. Do you remember that there are over 900,000 coffee producers in Brazil!? That is why it is extremely important for us that we can count on our colleagues in the Latin American country for their professional selection of the best of the best coffees, which then our coffee hunter can taste and bring to you.

We have made for you a special Brazil Box + a gift

To help you taste the two wonderful Brazilian coffees that we offer in our catalog, we have created our Brazil Box + a gift. We not only put in a box Coffee Beans Brazil Alianca and Coffee Beans Brazil Fazenda Recreio but also added a gift, an elegant espresso cup from a thick porcelain that will keep your beverage warm longer. The coffee set is comes with a special price! Do not miss it!

The Brazilian Trail in Dabov Specialty Coffee will soon continue with a new chapter…

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