March 16, 2021

Three Easy Ways To Brew Coffee at Home: V60, Chemex and French Press

For all filtration methods lovers and for those willing to taste something different

You don’t have to be a professional barista to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home, although if you were, it would have helped too :). For coffee lovers who do not like sophisticated coffee machines, however, there are enough practical and elegant devices with which to transform our great specialty coffees into a delicious home brewing experience. And if, on the other hand, you are a fan of filtration methods or coffee by immersion, the methods we will focus on are simply a must.

Let’s take a look at the three most popular and easy ways to brew coffee at home.

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V60 – convenient, practical, and makes for a great coffee taste

Currently, this filtration method is extremely popular and an ever-increasing number of people prefer it. Why? Because V60 is convenient and practical, easy to use, portable and you can carry it with you anywhere.

V60’s shape design is inspired by nature. The name V60 comes from the letter V- shape, which is at a 60 degrees angle. In the cone, one can place a paper filter. It has a large inflow hole, and its inner sides have spiral ribs that allow air to be released during extraction. Almost nothing has changed since the original 2004 design by Hario.

We offer V60 from different materials such as metal, porcelain, high quality plastic and even copper.

We also offer bleached filters for V60.

In addition, if you want a complete set, we offer you our Home Barista Level 1 with V60, glass server and filters.

How to brew­ coffee in V60:

Put a filter in the V60 and wet it with hot water. When it leaks into the server or the cup underneath, throw the water away. Place the desired amount of finely ground to medium ground coffee in the filter. Start pouring the water from the center of the V60 outwards in a circular motion. When you have covered all the coffee, leave it to infuse for 30 seconds. With the same circular motions, pour the remaining amount of water on the coffee and wait for it to drain into the server.

We recommend mostly coffees with a fruity flavor for V60. Especially coffees from Africa, like those from Kenya or Ethiopia and all our coffees with red and / or black label.

However, we also found out that V60 combines perfectly with one of our brown label blends with rich chocolate flavor, Diablo, and that is why we prepared a set of the two + filters. Great, isn’t it ?!

Watch our video with ideas how to brew coffee in V60 at home!


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Chemex – from the Museum of Modern Art in New York to your home

When you see Chemex for the first time, you will be pleasantly impressed by its unusual appearance. It offers a stylish way to make unique coffee. And it is a wonderful combination of wood, glass and leather. The jug is part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

It was created in 1941 by the eccentric chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbom. His mission was to make everyday objects more interesting, functional and enjoyable to use.

Chemex’ main advantage is the fact that you can make a fairly large amount of coffee, 6 cups. We offer both Chemex and filters to it.

Brewing coffee in Chemex is similar to brewing coffee in V60: Place a filter in your Chemex and moisten it with hot water. When it runs out at the bottom of the jug, throw the water away. Pour the desired amount of medium ground coffee in the filter. Start pouring water from the center of the filter outwards in a circular motion. When you have covered all the coffee, leave it to infuse for 30 seconds. Pour the remaining amount of water onto the filter in the same circular motions and wait for it to drain into the jug.

We believe that our red label coffees – with a rich fruity taste, combine especially well with Chemex. That’s why we offer a set with Chemex, filters and our Ethiopia Odo Shakiso.

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French Pressthe veteran method for brewing coffee

This is one of the oldest methods of making coffee. With French Press, the hot water is mixed with the coffee, and then the coffee particles are separated from the extract by a filter. The French Press is also known simply as Coffee Press, perhaps because the French and the Italians argue about its paternity. However, what is important for our article, is that French Press is one of the simplest methods that will guarantee you a good cup of coffee, regardless of you barista skills. Just remember not to leave the coffee in the press for too long because you will get a bitter extract.


Brewing coffee in French Press: Pour the desired amount of coarsely ground coffee in the press. Pour the heated water on it without trying to do it in a circular motion. Put the lid on top. The standard time for soaking the coffee is 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, press the coffee towards the bottom.

We also offer French Press in our online shop.

Watch our video with ideas how to brew coffee in French Press at home!

For a perfect coffee extraction, we recommend coffee from Central America, e.g. Honduras. Geisha is also phenomenal when brewed in French Press. Naturally processed coffees are also extremely suitable for this method.


Keep in mind that on the back of each DABOV Specialty Coffee pack you can find a very short guide for every brewing method with the amount of coffee and the amount of water we think you will prepare the most delicious cup of coffee at home.

We also remind you that our baristas are always ready to answer your questions – both in our two locations in Sofia and online.

Also, every Tuesday during our live on Instagram, you can ask them a question. And their answer will help you improve your barista skills.
And what are your favorite ways to brew coffee at home?

Article written by napravimisait

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