At Dabov, Every Day is Earth Day

It is not difficult to contribute every day with something small to making our common home a truly Green Planet.

Today we commemorate Earth Day. And indeed for most of us this day has become just a time for thought, without any real action. There are people though, who think how to transform every day into Earth Day. Numerous environmental initiatives aimed at preserving our common home, our Green Planet, are becoming increasingly popular.

And we at Dabov Specialty Coffee also try to contribute to a greeener planet

We realize that we are part of a system that gives us its fruits … excellent quality coffee cherries, which we enjoy day after day … In order for all this to continue, we must support sustainable practices. Not only here, at our roastery and country but also there, overseas, where our coffees grow. And not just on Earth Day.

But all this happens thanks to you – our coffee-loving friends who support us and trust us.

The fact that you are reading this article means that you are buying coffee from us, which is great because you are helping us in our fight for cleaner nature and sustainable development.

And when you buy coffee from us, this is how you contribute:

Firstly, we have invested over half a million levs in a coffee roaster that doesn’t emit in the air emissions harmful to human health (there are several roasters in Europe of this kind). With this we can say that our roastery is completely “green”. We are proud to contribute to a cleaner air in Sofia, even if with a tad.

Secondly, we work with farmers who are part of various local programs and one of their goals is sustainable development of their municipality and region. In most cases this translates as a better life for the local community of people but also plants and animals. Sustainable development in these farms is understood on a large scale. Farmers aim to preserve the habitat of flora and fauna. That is why no forests are cut down to plant coffee. Some of the farms also maintain certificates, such as UTZ, Rainforest and others.

And with every cup of coffee you drink in the morning, be sure that you contribute to a better life for a child in Central or South America, Africa or Asia. This results in an opportunity for the child to go to school instead of work. And it also means that this child has a roof over her or his head. For example, Marysabel and Moises of Finca El Puente in Honduras build a house every year for one of their workrers’ families. And this is thanks to the coffee you drink every day …

How about recycling?

And we do not stop here. We have more ideas. We receive constant inquiries about the recycling of coffee packs. Unfortunately our packages cannot be recycled. The material from which they are made to keep the coffee fresh and fragrant is a mix of plastic and aluminum. This is perfect for coffee beans, but not suitable for recycling. To start working with real recycable packages (which have a shelf life of 12 months according to the manufacturer), we need to sell twice as much coffee. This way we will have a bigger turnover and the packages will not become unusable in our warehouse. However, this is the next step that we would like to make. We count on your support – to drink more and better coffee.

A few ideas to make nature even cleaner

At the moment, as an alternative, we invite all of you, our supporters, who want to keep nature clean, to practice two things:

  • buy coffee once a month, but get a larger amount of coffee. This saves harmful emissions from delivery as well as transport packaging. You can even make less harmful emissions if you open less times the Google search engine and our page. Yes, you may say these are few emissions, but they accumulate …
  • buy 1 kg. packs, not 200 g packs. Coffee can be stored perfectly in its original packaging – just keep it tightly closed and taped or wrap around it an elastic band. As we said – our packs have a very high degree of protection.

Even these two basic activities can result in beneficial results. Every time a resourse is wasted – whatever the resourse is and wherever it happens – has a negative impact to all of us who live on this planet.

We give up disposable plastic products

And as we’re talking about plastic and recycling, it’s time to announce something that may disappoint our capsules consumers. We decided to stop offering disposable plastic products that are not biodegradable – lids for cups, straws and … coffee capsules … We wanted to offer great specialty coffee in capsules to those who were looking for a better alternative. And many people will be disappointed, but still we are here and continue on the path of specialty coffee …

And so that there are no sad faces, we have prepared some surprises for you:

From tomorrow in our two Sofia locations you will enjoy a 5% discount on all drinks if you bring your own cup.

But this is not all!

Get your “Green Box” and we will add a thermo mug as a gift

After all that we have said, it is only logical to also offer you a Green coffee box with a 1kg Honduras Caballero coffee pack with fruity flavor of melon, orange and ice-cream and a cotton Dabov Specialty Coffee bag for multiple use. And we added an irresistible gift – a thermo mug Hario of your choice with which you can carry your favorite coffee drink anywhere you go!

We hope that together we can move forward to a cleaner and greener planet, for which we thank you!

Think green, be green… Indeed, it is worth it to make each day Earth Day.

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