December 7, 2019

We bought coffee №1 from COE Peru 2019

At the 2019 Peru Cup of Excellence winners’ online auction on Thursday, we made the highest bid for the coffee which won the competition with a total of 92.28 points

We admit – we can’t stop. We were lucky to buy another 2019 Cup of Excellence – Peru’s #1 coffee. At Thursday’s online auction, we placed the highest bid for Lot 2. Peru La Lucuma COE #1 2019 is the 9th COE coffee in our catalog, with 8 of the coffees being in the Top 10 in their respective country!

Why have Jordan Dabov chosen Peru La Lucuma СОЕ#1 2019

“Peru La Lucuma COE #1 2019 is a very interesting coffee with an incredibly intriguing history,” says Jordan. “My starting point is its first position in the Cup of Excellence. This is a quality standard that has no parallel in the world. And every coffee that has the privilege of entering the Cup of Excellence selection deserves special attention. DABOV Specialty Coffee supports all-year events within this program that culminate in competitions in each member states and we are proud to be a part of them.”

What makes Peru La Lucuma COE #1 2019 better than other COE Peru coffees?

Peru La Lucuma COE #1 2019 won Cup of Excellence Peru with a respectable 92.28 points. The first six places in the competition are occupied by 90+ points coffees. This fact indicates strong competition. And in second place is a Geisha! However, Peru La Lucuma COE #1 2019 is not a coffee from the Arabicas you know well. It is a Marshell variety – a new Bourbon hybrid approved by the country’s government specifically for this coffee.


Farmer Lizana Morales cultivated the two winning lots on her farm, La Lucuma. She says that in 1997 she discovered a new variety, which she did not pay much attention to. “At first it seemed to be a common coffee plant. In the year 2011, my whole plantation was attacked by a disease commonly called “Ojo de pollo” and only this new variety survived, indeed it was ressistent to the disease. That’s when I started to only grow this variety that we named “Marshell”. The curious thing about all of this is, that I didn’t notice the big opportunity that I was letting go which was participating in the Cup of Excellence competition.”

What is the taste of Peru La Lucuma COE # 1 2019

In the taste of the winner of the Cup of Excellence Peru 2019 you will find raspberries, exotic fruits like mango and papaya, marshmallow, sweet chestnut. It is creamy, with subtle acidity and jasmine finish. This unknown Marshell was cultivated at an 1800 m in the Cajamarca region of Peru. It was processed by water.

It will rank well in our 2019 COE winners collection – Honduras Santa Lucia Geisha COE #1 2019 and Brazil Fazenda Aterradinho COE #10 2019.

Article written by napravimisait

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