September 24, 2021

We Have Secured Ironman V Geisha from Best of Panama 2021

Our own Jordan Dabov was among the competition judges and we managed to place the highest bid for Finca La Aurora’s new magnificent geisha Ironman V

We are happy to share with you the news that this year, you will be able to enjoy again a sublime geisha from Best of Panama. We have secured the new Ironman V geisha from the online auction held in the early hours of September 22, 2021. This great coffee is from Finca La Aurora – you already know this farm, because last year we had the pleasure of offering you their coffee Ironman IV geisha which was ranked 11th in Best of Panama Washed Geisha category.

What records for green coffee set Best of Panama 2021?

Every year, Best of Panama traditionally sets new records. And this year was no exception. In the Geisha Natural Category, for a pound of the best green coffee $ 2568 was paid (in 2020 the winner received $ 1300 per pound), and in the Geisha Washed Category – $ 1502 per pound was paid (in 2020 the winner received $ 1,000)! In the category Varietal Natural, the highest achieved price was $ 400 per pound, and in the category Varietal Washed, $ 110.50 per pound. Thus, we can conclude that the average price per pound was $ 207.86. This shows that with each passing year, the coffee finalists from Best of Panama earn more and more.

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What flavor can we find in Ironman V’s cup?

Ironman V ranked 13th in the Geisha Washed category. The judges have decided that it merits 91 points! This geisha has characteristic floral notes with predominant jasmine and lemongrass. The coffee is characterized by a rich sweetness and a pinch of lemon, especially pronounced when the beverage begins to cool. Wouldn’t you like a cup of Ironman V coffee?

Farmers Roberto and Aurora Brenes in Finca La Aurora.

Those of you who have tasted Ironman IV will probably remember the curious story surrounding its name. Farmer Roberto Brenes, who owns Auromar Finca La Aurora, told us:

„The name was inspired by my passion, running triathlons. There, an ironman is the top competition only for the best. We truly believe that our coffee is a winner that deserves such a name. Although we participate in the BOP every year, not every year we submit an Ironman.“

In 2021, we will have the pleasure of tasting only the fifth Ironman geisha! We are lucky that señor Brenes has not only sports but coffee hobby as well!

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Jordan Dabov was a judge in Best of Panama 2021 from our own laboratory

As you know, our founder and coffee hunter Jordan Dabov was among the judges in this year’s edition of the Best of Panama competition. For the third time, he was was invited along other international experts to evaluate the best geishas in the world. For us, the biggest challenge was the fact that due to the pandemic, we had to receive the finalists in our own laboratory. We managed to follow the strict protocol for conducting the tasting sessions so as to give an equal chance to all participants.

Do you remember that we even got the water that had to be used for the cuppings?

You can read all about our laboratory’s participation and the strict rules in our article!

Jordan Dabov is positive that we have managed to meet the strict requirements of Best of Panama and we are ready to conduct competition cuppings of this rank in the future as well.

Article written by napravimisait

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