July 16, 2021

With Hario And Dabov On The Road

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We have gathered all the products that you would need to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee when you are on the road

We never met a person who does not like to travel in the summer. Neither we have met coffee lovers who don’t want to enjoy their favorite coffee when they are on the road. We have already shared with you which restaurants and bars by the sea offer DABOV Specialty Coffee. Today we will talk about the most important coffee accessories with which you can prepare a delicious cup of coffee when you are on the road. All of them are manufactured by the Japanese company Hario – a constant world leader in the production of coffee accessories. Hario products are always synonymous to high quality, elegant and clean design, reliability, practicality and functionality.

We have the perfect set for anybody

Summer box with 5 coffees and a gift – Cold Brew pot

We have created a box with five great coffees to enjoy all summer long. If you take our Summer box with 5 coffees + Cold Brew pot, you will not only enjoy five coffees from five corners of the world map of specialty coffee: Nicaragua, Honduras, Colombia, Brazil and Kenya, but you will also get a great Hario Cold Brew filtering device! We don’t know how you like your morning coffee, but we recommend you taste it as prepared in Cold Brew pot in the summer. Because this is the perfect summer coffee drink!

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Home Barista Level 1 – your first steps in barista coffee art

Our Home Barista Level 1 box will help you make your first steps as barista at home with three coffee accessories that you simply must have. You’ll get a Coffee Dripper V-60 Hario – a really easy filtration method to make incredibly delicious coffee wherever you are. We have added the necessary Bleached Filters for V-60 – 2 cups – Hario. And a beautiful V-60 Server Hario of 600 ml, which will keep your coffee extract warm.

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French Press and coffee beans Honduras Caballero – created for each other

One of the favorite coffee lovers accessories, French Coffee Press, is the star in our set French Press and Coffee Beans Honduras Caballero. It is one of the most convenient and easy ways to extract the rich coffee aroma and taste. Logically, we offer it with a 200, 8 g pack of great coffee, Honduras Caballero, with milk chocolate, orange, plum notes. It is up to you whether you order it as coffee beans or ground coffee.

If you already have Coffee Beans Honduras Caballero at home, you can also buy just the fabulous French Coffee Press – Hario with 20% OFF!

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You can buy each of these three sets with 20% OFF until the end of July 2021!

And what to grind coffee with when we are on the road?

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Керамична ръчна кафемелачка

Hario Mill Mini Slim

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Ръчна кафемелачка Skerton – Hario


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V60 електрическа кафемелачка –


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Coffee grinder – always fresh coffee, even on the road

You can choose the coffee grinder that best suits your needs from these three options.

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Mini Slim + is in the perfect size for travel, for camping, even for the office – anywhere you’d want to make just a few cups at a time with a compact and portable hand grinder.

Manual Coffee Grinder Skerton – Hario, on the other hand, is incredibly easy to use and set up. You can disassemble and use cones at the top to set the particle size, the method of preparation you use. You could also use it at home and on the road.

V60 Electric Coffee Grinder – Hario is for those who want to feel like a real professional. With it you can choose between 44 different grinding settings for your favorite coffee. In addition, it grinds directly into the V-60 filter device.

Now all three coffee grinders can be yours with 20% OFF of their prices!

Make the perfect coffee set with Hario coffee accessories

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Electric Kettle Buono – Hario

Every barista needs an electric kettle. How about our suggestion, Electric Kettle Buono – Hario with its capacity of 1 liter?! It is equally convenient for making a single cup of coffee and to invite a few friends for coffee. And if you get caught up in grinding coffee, the electric kettle will turn off automatically when the water boils. The kettle is in a modern stainless steel color.

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Coffee servers

Although we are not talking stricktly about a coffee set, if you choose the most suitable accessories, this is exactly what you will get. And no coffee set is complete without a coffee server.

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V-60 Server – Hario

Made of high quality glass, this V-60 Server – Hario has a capacity of 600 ml. This means that you will be able to make about 5 cups of coffee with it. Thanks to the rubber seal on the lid at the top, the coffee will stay warm while you serve it.

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Coffee pot – Hario

Coffee pot – Hario is also made of high quality glass. With it you will be able to serve up to 1 liter of delicious coffee and also keep the drink warm while serving it. This functional coffee pot is easy to use and clean. It can be used as part of a V60 coffee machine or for any other hot beverage.

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Filtration devices – for quick and easy preparation of delicious coffee

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Coffee Dripper V-60 – Hario

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 Dabov Coffee Dripper V-60 – Hario

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V60 Copper Dripper – 2 Cups – Hario

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Cafeor Dripper – 2 Cups – Hario

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The best filtration devices

Although they are not coffee machines, you can make just as delicious coffee with Hario filtration devices.

Coffee Dripper V-60 – Hario is one of the easiest, most convenient and therefore cheapest options. Perhaps due to the fact that it is plastic, it would be your first choice for travel.

But of course there are more elegant and better looking options to choose from:

White ceramic Dabov Coffee Dripper V-60 – Hario is the choice of our most ardent fans because of its elegance.

We can also offer you V60 Copper Dripper – 2 Cups – Hario. It is equally good for home use and when you travel. However, notice how different it is from the others! Original, definitely.

All three appliances so far have a capacity of up to 2 cups. You can use them with the appropriate size filters.

If you do not want to use coffee filters, choose Cafeor Dripper – 2 Cups – Hario. Yes, this is a device that has a reusable metal filter. If you choose it, you will contribute to our Be Green cause for rational and economical use of natural resources.

Coffee filters for all filtration appliances

Almost all of the filtration devices listed above also need coffee filters. You can choose from Bleached Filters for V-60 – 2 cups – Hario and Misarashi Unbleached Dripper Filters V60 – 2 Cups – Hario. Both are in a package of 100 pieces and are suitable for making 1 to 2 cups of coffee.

And more…

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Measuring spoon for coffee – the dose makes the difference

For those of you who love simple things, we offer a measuring Spoon V60 – Hario. With it you will be able to measure the exact amount of coffee in grams depending on the device you use to make coffee. Its volume is 12 g. Don’t forget that on the back of each DABOV Specialty Coffee pack we offer you sample quantities for excellent results with the main coffee makers.

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Also choose your thermo coffee mug

When you travel, it is good to have a mug that keeps your drink pleasantly warm. We offer you thermo coffee mug in black or Inox, because we are sure that there are no universal products – or tastes.

Thermo mug – 350 ml – Hario is suitable for both filtration and milk drinks. The thermo mug is made of stainless steel. In addition, it can be easily cleaned and stored until you are hungry again for a superb specialty coffee.

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Cold Brew is not ice coffee, but the perfect summer coffee drink

When, if not in the summer, can you experiment and make your favorite coffee in a Cold Brew pot?! We believe that cold filtered coffee is the perfect summer drink. If you are still doubting it, just taste Cold Brew coffee.

And if you’re still not even sure what Cold Brew is, don’t think it’s ice coffee, read our article. It contains everything you need to know about this modern method by which you can make tasty coffee with almost zero acidity, including a recipe.

There are various appliances for making Cold Brew. We can offer you two.

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Filter-in Bottle for Cold Coffee – Hario

Filter-in Bottle for Cold Coffee – Hario is an extremely convenient and beautiful device for making Cold Brew coffee. It is developed by the Japanese company Hario. The bottle is made of high quality glass. It has a capacity of 650 ml and a removable filter. Due to its shape, it is very suitable for making Cold Brew coffee when you are on the road.

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Cold Brew – Hario

Cold Brew – Hario is in the form of a jug with a convenient lid. It is made of high quality glass, with a beautiful red plastic lid and filter. With it, you can first make your own Cold Brew coffee and then serve it by simply removing the filter.

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You can buy any Hario products from our site with 20% OFF until the end of July 2021!

And almost last but not least…

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Standart Magazine – interesting articles on your favorite topic, coffee

If you want to spice-up your summer with an interesting read on your favorite topic, coffee, get the latest issue of the specialized Standart magazine. Standart magazine stands for the art of coffee. Quarterly published and print only, they dedicate more than 130 pages of beautifully designed and carefully curated content to the beauty of specialty coffee.

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Everything is better with a cup of coffee

But what is all this without a cup of coffee ?! Not green coffee, but freshly roasted, fragrant, delicious coffee !? Have you tasted Kenya AA + Nieri? Our Coffee of the Month, which will enchant you with its fruity taste of blackcurrant, pomegranate and fresh, juicy berries! Get a pack of 200, 8 g with 15% OFF until the end of July! You can also enjoy it in our special offer – Summer box with 5 coffees + Cold Brew Pot.

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