Why you should taste now our three Geishas

There are ordinary coffees. There are specialty coffees. And then, there is Geisha.

We have already presented to you several times the queen of specialty coffees, Geisha, because it deserves more than all the attention we give it. If you have already tasted Geisha, you know why. If you still haven’t… Read on and by the end of the article, you will be convinced that you have missed one of the greatest pleasures a cup of coffee could give you.

When tasting Geisha for the first time, Jordan Dabov decided that he will make anything possible to fill DABOV Specialty Coffee’s catalogue with as many coffees of this variety as possible. This is not an easy task – Geisha is produced in limited quantities and its prices rise dizzyingly high along with its quality. For a real coffee hunter of unique coffees though, this is just another challenge.

Geisha is probably the most famous and valued Arabica variety

As we have already shared with you, today Geisha is synonymous to a divine coffee.

The variety was found in Ethiopia in 1930s and from there it was sent to Tanzania where it was tested in the research center of Lyamungu. Two decades later, Geisha reaches Central America’s research center CATIE. It was proven that it was coffee leaf rust resistant, and it was transported to Panama in the 1960s. At the beginning though, farmers there didn’t pay a lot of attention to it since they found out that Geisha’s branches were brittle. It was four decades later when Geisha finally became world famous when the Peterson family from Bouquete, Panama, chose exactly this variety to present their farm in the specialty coffee competition Best of Panama. With its first participation there Geisha broke the record for a green coffee price per pound – it gathered more than 20 US dollars per pound.

Can Geisha be mistaken for other coffee?

Even though there are other Arabica varieties that come from the same region in Ethiopia as Geisha, and have somewhat similar characteristics, if you try Panama Geisha just once, it is impossible to forget its taste and to compare it to that of other coffee. This is what the World Coffee Research organization genetics analysis prove – Panama Geisha, the heir of the Ethiopian one, is unique. That is why coffee professionalists and connoisseurs talk about Geisha flavor.

What is Geisha flavor like

In Geisha cup that was produced at high altitude, we usually find a delicate floral aroma with predominant jasmine scent and a hint of peach. It is typical for this unique coffee to have a rich taste, full of nuances, balanced and incomparable. This is what Jordan Dabov also thinks about this coffee as he is still the only Bulgarian who was invited to participate as a juror in Best of Panama, where he had the pleasure of tasting the best of the highest quality Geishas.

What Geishas we have chosen especially for you

Right now we are proud that our catalogue includes three Geishas

DONA ELVIRA – GEISHA WASHED #16 BOP 2018 which secured a great position during the competition Best of Panama,

PANAMA GEISHA LYCELLO that was higly praised by the prestigious Coffee Review


PANAMA GEISHA BY DABOV which is the fruit of the exclusive collaboration between Jordan Dabov and one of the world’s most renowned Geisha producing farms – Ninety Plus.

We are offering to you the unique chance to taste the three coffees as we have included them in a special pack at an extremely attractive price. We are sure that if you do it you will keep on choosing to indulge in it again and again. And you will always have a good idea for a unique, elegant and bedazzling gift for the people who are special to you.